The SOTIF Conference

Be along for the ride when the first SOTIF draft will be discussed!

ISO/PAS 21448 - Safe Machine Learning - Highly automated & autonomous driving - Best Practices - safe sensor algorithm

Originally started as part 14 of ISO 26262, SOTIF created some controversy. Now, SOTIF becomes a standard on its own. The idea of ISO/PAS 21448 is to complete ISO 26262 by a functional safety view on vehicle level. When our vehicles become more and more automated and autonomous, this trend asks for including the vehicle environment, notably sensor perception and sensor algorithm processing. With the first SOTIF draft comes uncertainties in the market on how to interpret and apply the standard.

Wipe away your unease with SOTIF and join our very first SOTIF conference.

Key topic areas:

  •  Get the latest updates on ISO/PAS 21448 Standard of the intended functionality
  •  Build a solid understanding of the SOTIF scope
  •  Understand in an early stage of SOTIF how to interpret and apply the standard
  • Exchange on Safety for Machine Learning
  •  Gain a competitive edge with lessons learnt and Best Practices on how to do FuSa on a vehicle level
  •  Join our discussion on combining ISO 26262 and SOTIF

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