Jean Mercat

Research engineer Renault

Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

1:50 PM Panel discussion | What are strengths and weaknesses of deep neural networks?

Selected experts of the day from both industries will join the panel to discuss their vision and
experiences, and come to the best solution in the following topics:
• What is the current role of AI in a vehicle?
• What are advantages of using deep neural networks in the vehicle and what are their best
• What are the pitfalls of current neural network technology and how can it be improved?

3:40 PM Machine Learning Based Techniques for Path Predictions

Prediction issues:
• Final objectives (principally security)
• Evaluation criteria (specific to the type of prediction: classification rates, RMSE values,
NLL values, FDE, ADE)
• Differences between objectives and evaluation criteria (rare events, robustness, no truth)
Technical issues with neural networks predictions:
• Observations representation (fixed size, fixed frequency, data ordering)
• Interactions, multi-modality
• Architectural solutions (RNN, LSTM, attention, model-based prediction)
• Kinematic prediction < Individual statistical prediction < Interactive statistical prediction
• Global results
• A few qualitative example

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jean.

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