July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Dr. Monica Jones

Research Scientist Univ. of Mich. Transportation Research Institute Biosciences Group

Dr. Monica Jones is an assistant research scientist in University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) Biosciences Group.  She joined UMTRI in 2014 following a postdoctoral research fellowship at Canada Defence Research & Development Centre.  She earned her PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering (IOE) from the University of Michigan. Motivated by 8 years of practice as an industrial automotive engineer, her research is focused on the development of data grounded models to accurately predict an individual’s interaction with products and workspaces. Her research has addressed occupant accommodation and safety in vehicles, occupant anthropometry and ergonomics for vehicle design.


Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

11:15 AM Defining Experiential Comfort: Defining and Developing Baselines to Mitigate for Motion Sickness

• Identifying interaction geometry and haptics feedback
• Measuring and quantifying motion sickness experiences
• Scaling testbed to on road and highway testing

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