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Systems Thinking for Seating Design

Systems Thinking for Seating Design

Auto seating design is undergoing an evolution, one which requires a new approach. Safety, the ergonomic relationship with vehicle systems and comfort have always been the key design drivers in auto seating. They still are critical factors, but with the development of autonomous vehicles and other mobility technologies, what defines those factors is changing, with more being possible and being asked for in terms of functionality. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 designers are looking toward a future that is rapidly approaching, one that will require the broader perspective of systems thinking for seating design.

This in-depth articles explores how OEMs, disrupters and other seating visionaries are applying systems thinking to:

  • Build lighter, more luxurious seating systems at lower costs and without sacrificing safety
  • Pave the way for autonomous and mobility 
  • Drive the development of seating innovations such as flexible seating, occupant monitoring and connected seating 

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