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Advances in Bio-Based Polyurethanes for Leather Finishing

Advances in Bio-Based Polyurethanes for Leather Finishing

Much of the current research into leather chemicals is focused on providing tanners with solutions that reduce their environmental footprint at each step in the leather manufacturing process. Less water consumption, effluent quality, the elimination of restricted substances and the introduction of naturally occurring ingredients are just some of the areas on which chemical companies like Stahl are working.

In this whitepaper Michael Costello, Director of Sustainability at Stahl, explains the most important developments regarding the use of Bio-based Polyurethanes for leather finishing.

Subjects included in this whitepaper:

  • From Nitrocellulose to Polyurethanes
  • Polyurethane Dispersions
  • Building Blocks
  • Bio-based Polyols
  • Next Generation - Towards increased Performance
  • Reducing Volatile Organic Content
  • The future: higher performance, more bio-content

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