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July 29 - 31, 2019
Detroit, MI

Seating Innovators Media Center

Automotive Seating Innovators Agenda

The 13th Annual Automotive Seating Innovators Summit, taking place July 29-31 in Detroit, will provide a platform for the seating industry to come together to network, learn and discuss the latest challenges facing the industry, new technologies and methodologies creating opportunit ...

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Automotive Seating Innovators 2019: Past Attendee List

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Exclusive Content

A Look at How Automotive & Aircraft OEMs Are Collaborating on Seating in 2019

The lines between transportation industries are starting to blur as aircraft OEMs and carriers begin to team up more frequently with automotive specialists to innovate seating. Within the last few months, the industry has seen pairings between Boeing and the automotive seating specialist Adient for Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines with...

Three Key Areas of Focus for Automotive Seating in 2019

Ahead of the summit, we took a look at the top three areas of focus for automotive seating in 2019. These areas include health and wellness monitoring, safety, and seating comfort scaling. The automotive seating market is shifting towards a more human centered design – with a focus on health...

Seating Textile Trends for 2019: Unlocking Usability Potential

The sheer growth of car sharing services is prompting the seating industry to offer materials with stainless and odorless properties. For Mobility as a Service (MaaS) users, a clean interior is essential, so composites like titanium dioxide and star-shapely branched polymers can offer a comfortable seating experience. Touch-able surfaces are...

What's Driving the Future of Seating? Top 5 Ways Autonomous Technology and Mobility are Transforming Seating

Autonomous vehicles (AVs), ride hailing/sharing apps (i.e. Lyft and uber), shared vehicle ownership, electric vehicles, and other emerging transportation-related innovations are expected to not only transform the way we drive but how we live as well. But how will these changes affect searing? Though automotive seating has traditionally been thought...

Five Truths about Autonomous, Mobility, & the Future of Seating

A conversation with David E. Cole, Chairman, Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research, on:Separating the hype from reality of autonomous tech and mobility when it comes to seatingThe evolution of seating from a static, utilitarian automotive component into a comfort systemUnderstanding the complex legal, technological and human roadblocks that...

Systems Thinking for Seating Design

Auto seating design is undergoing an evolution, one which requires a new approach. Safety, the ergonomic relationship with vehicle systems and comfort have always been the key design drivers in auto seating. They still are critical factors, but with the development of autonomous vehicles and other mobility technologies, what defines...

Automotive Seating Innovation: What's Next?

Ongoing developments in autonomous vehicle technologies continue to shape the future of the automotive seating industry. That being said, check out Auto IQ's Automotive Seating Innovation Report, which deep dives into:Latest advancements to include climate control, massage capabilities and safety featuresWhat companies like Audi, Ford Motor Company and more are...

Past Presentations

A Collection of Past Presentations from Automotive Seating Innovators 2018

In preparation for Automotive Seating Innovators 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Planning Outside the Box: Realizing Opportunities Coming out of Crowdsourcing Seating Design: David Neal, Director of Design, Local MotorsPreparing for an Unpredictable Autonomous Future: Developing Responsive Strategies...

Planning Outside the Box: Realizing Opportunities Coming Out of Crowdsourcing Seating Design

David Neal, Director of Design, Local Motors, presents on:Developing holistic HMI automotive seatingEstablishing benchmarks for wellness parameters in the biometric sensing system Replacing metal parts with plastic to increase light-weighting

Preparing for an Unpredictable Autonomous Future: Developing Responsive Strategies for Seating

David Cole, Chair Emeritus, Center for Automotive Research (CAR), presents on:What will change with automotive seating as our transportation systems shift to semi- and fully autonomous vehicles, and mobility?Rethinking seating utility as we redesign auto interiors to meet a new set of consumer wants and needsEnsuring safety in the new...

Customized High Performance Seat Ventilation with Lower Cost and Development Effort

Mark Hill, Managing Director, ebmpapst Inc. Automotive and Drives Business Unit, presents on:The increasingly compact design of car seats places complex requirements on climate managementWith active seat ventilation, sweaty driving is a thing of the pastReady for e-mobility: Reducing of costs, constructed space, weight and power consumption

Safety Always Matters: How the Need for Occupant Protection Will Influence Interior Design with Increasing Vehicle Automation

Dr. Matt Reed, Head of Biosciences Group, Transportation Research Institute, University of Michigan, presents on:Role of FMVSS and changes in the regulatory landscapeEffects of ride-hailing and ride-sharing use casesIncorporating the needs of children and people with disabilities

Developing Driverless Seating with Passenger Priority Seating Design

Patrick Davis, Product Development Engineer, Ford Motor Company, presents on:What types of new technology can we add to automotive seating to change perceptions of seating as a static utilitarian automotive component?Getting creative with the future of auto seating designIntegrating interior systems with auto seating

Case Study: Envisioning the Future Architecture of Seating

Paul Snyder, Chair of Transportation Design, College for Creative Studies, presents on:How are new designers planning for seating in new interiors for autonomous vehicles?Meeting the seating challenges posed by OEMsBrainstorming advanced ideas for full systems integration


Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in Automotive Seat & Interior Manufacturing

Technology is transforming what car-makers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin. Some key players in the market already reacted and took a strategic decision towards a 100% interior focus and split off their seat manufacturing activities.

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