July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Opportunities in Health and Wellness in Automotive Seating

By: James Raia

Chewing gum. Splitting sunflower seeds. Chomping on corn nuts. Taking off your shoes. Opening the windows. Turning on the air conditioner. There are many suggested unscientific methods for staying awake while driving at night and beginning to get tired. 

But what if vehicle engineers could incorporate a system that captures data and responds to an individual's needs when they're driving at night and getting tired?

And what if a system could be developed using the best health and wellness practices such as a driver's favorite stimulating music and circulating fresh air when the appropriated situation is detected? 

Pan Zagorski, a Comfort Research Scientist and Seating Expert at Lear Corporation, will facilitate a workshop and will discuss what tools designers and engineers can use to collect the data. And he'll discuss a case study in which stimuli are used to help them stave off the onset of nighttime driving fatigue.

Correspondingly, breakout groups will discuss how the data can be integrated into automotive seating design and with the best health and wellness practices in mind.

With the knowledge from a case study and while sharing ideas with others, the workshop's goal is to generate ideas to immediately incorporate better practices and automobile seating safety.

Each group will share highlights from their discussions. A brief Q&A from other groups will follow. Statements from the workshop facilitator will conclude the session.

One conclusion will likely be certain: Chewing gum, consuming a repetitive snack, diving shoeless or with the windows or doing any combination of current distract practices likely won't be part of the answer. Innovation, however, will part of the solution.

Join Pan Zagorski at the 13th Annual Seating Innovators Summit! Check out the agenda for a glimpse into which other speakers and sessions can you expect.