July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Hyundai on Creating Continuity Across the Automobility Seating Industry

By: James Raia

Scott Ziolek, principal seat engineer for Hyundai, will moderate a panel discussion as the final afternoon of the two-day summit begins. SAE Human Accommodation and Design Devices Standards Activities Related to Seating.

Ziolek, also the Chair of the SAE Technical Committee For Human Accommodation, will be joined by Dr. Matt Reid, Head of the Biosciences Group at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) and Terry O'Bannon, Human Factors Consultant at the SAE Human  Accommodation Design Device Committee.

As a member of the  SAE HADD Committee's Seating Task Force responsible for revising and developing Technical Documents related to Motor Vehicle Seating Systems, Ziolek is responsible for tools, models and procedures addressing the Interior Occupant Package.

With Ziolek moderating, the panel will discuss: Creating continuity across the automobility seating industry; Benchmarking and standardization for interior positioning; and Controlling how and where repositioning happens.

Other key topics for the afternoon sessions: Connecting Seating To Car: Creating A Safety EcoSystem Making Transportation Seats Smarter in the Future.

Among the questions proposed: When will technology be ready? and Developing long-term quality and reliable a reliable component communications system: How do we connect our seating visions together?

The summit's final session will be titled: Making Transportation Seats Smarter in the Future.

The discussion will include: How do industries make seats more and more intelligent: How are the barriers to making seats and seating systems responsive to their occupants; And determining how seats can be smarter now and how that differs from the future.

Chairperson Missy Pereny, Foam & Comfort Engineering Global Director of Lear Corporation, will provide the closing address to the 13th Annual Seating Innovators Summit.

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