July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Ford & Faurecia on Health and Wellness Tools in Seating

By: James Raia

If you're known as Dr. Derriere in the automotive industry, it's like you have a vast knowledge of car seating.

Mike Kolich, who works in the specialty of global seat comfort for Ford Motor Company, was given the nickname years ago for his long-time expertise. He will be the speaker in the session titled: Thinking of the Car As One Unit: Innovating Beyond Comfort.

Kolich is part of Ford's global seating team established in 2005. Its task is to bring the development of industry-leading seats in-house and create seats that meet the manufacturer's safety, quality, functionality, design and packaging requirements while ensuring drivers and passengers are comfortable.

As the car industry continues to change rapidly, Kolich will discuss keeping up with customers in the marketplace, particularly with autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles,  and connected cars.

Of key importance is identifying barriers to increase seating comfort integration and developing and innovative solutions in midsize and compact cars.

Also in the early morning session, Chad Durkee, the innovative project manager for Faurecia, the Michigan-based global auto parts supplier specializing in automotive seating, emission, control technologies and interior systems, will speak about Using Health and Wellness Tools in Auto Seating to Increase Safety and Comfort.

A focus of the session will be exploring monitoring data for drivers and passengers in passenger car and commercial vehicles. He will also discuss the challenges of filtering biometric data within a vehicle to gain a higher accuracy level as well as managing the privacy of consumers' biometric data.

Further into the morning and during the demo drive session, the focus will switch to Comfort in Automotive Seating. Specifics topics will include: designing for the user instead of the vehicle; reducing innovation costs through simulation and virtual testing for seating; and using customer ride-and-drives for direct feedback.

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