July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Expanding Seating Comfort Across Aircraft

By: James Raia
With automobile mobility and autonomous seating market continuously evolving, aircraft OEM seating experts area also certainly rich with innovation. And since carmakers for decades have benefitted from the engineering expertise in aircraft, why not capitalize on the industry's knowledge of comfort and efficiency?

What aircraft technologies are available and can they be integrated? Are there obstacles integrating aircraft seating innovation? Are health and wellness factors in the design, comfort and materials used to create future aircraft seating?

Patrick Davis, a product development engineer with Ford Motor Company, will share how manufacturer envisioned brand differentiation. Davis' expertise includes the interior and soft trim parts for the Ford F-150. He's also been responsible for manufacturing, quality and core engineering teams and to ensure vehicles exceed customer needs and expectations.

With Davis as the moderator, a panel will discuss looking across industries for inspiration for in the aircraft industry. Topics will include what the automotive industry can learn from their peers at aircraft OEMs. 

Additionally, how the latest technologies from office ergonomic seating can be integrated into the automotive sector will be examined as well as the automotive interior ecosystem. What roadblocks does Davis foresee? What growth opportunities make innovations worthwhile? 

Session attendees, divided into groups, will discuss one of the top five challenges. The goal will be to propose three complete strategy outlines. In the peer-to-peer exchange, each group will present their strategies and then offer a brief Q&A sub-session.

Davis will guide the group at-large as it discussed potential plans and gap areas. Will the collective open discussion provide enough insight to resolved seemingly insurmountable challenges?

Check out the agenda for a glimpse into which other speakers and sessions can you expect to see at Auto IQ's 13th Seating Innovators