July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Balancing Seating Innovation with Safety

By: James Raia

Dr. Matt Reed, UMTRI, University of Michigan, is the head of the Biosciences Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. His research focuses on vehicle safety, engineering anthropometry  and ergonomics. 

Reed has conducted research on occupant restraint systems, emphasizing restraint system optimization, crash dummy development, and computational modeling of vehicle occupants. He's a research professor in the Center of Ergonomics in Industrial and Operation Engineers and leads the Human Motion Simulation Laboratory. It developments movement simulation algorithms and ergonomics analysis tools for use with digital human modeling software. 

Another area of Reed's expertise is serving as the Chair of the university's Design Science Program and works as a research professor in the Integrative Systems+Design program at the College of Engineering.

Early in the morning session, key topics will include passenger's head and kinematics in abrupt braking and lane change events. Sub-categories will include understanding occupant movement during braking and developing safety guidelines using testing and evaluation.

Another area of the session will focus on Facing The Unknown: Balancing Seating Innovation With Safety.

Topics will include: Adopting new seat safety tech like head-knocking airbags when developing new seating strategies; Working with supply chain to set safety benchmarks from the outset of innovation testing; Accelerating agreement on a common standard that can be used in NextGen vehicles. 

Also in the session, Optimizing How Health and Wellness Support Flight Deck Crews and Passenger Experience will be highlighted. Additional subjects covered will include: Using human-centered health and wellness design to create a healthy cockpit; Developing independent systems for monitoring health and wellness for pilots; and overcoming challenges to tying sensors into independent internal systems.

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