July 27 - 29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

Automotive Seating: Looking Across Industries for Inspiration

By: James Raia

Patrick Davis will moderate a discussion of wide-ranging topics titled, Looking Across Industries for Inspiration: A Cross-Industry Discussion on Seating and Passenger Experience.

Davis, a product development engineer for Ford Motor Company, will focus on several key issues. Of primary consideration will be what the automotive industry can learn from peers at aircraft OEMs.

The session will also include looking at technologies from office ergonomics that can be integrated into the automotive sector. Another topic will be viewing the automotive interior as an ecosystem and how to share design engineer strategies. 

Later in the first day of the summit, David Nemo, director of design, Local Motors, will lead a panel discussion titled Boosting Safety and Comfort: Using Complex System Arrays to Track Driver Needs. 

The panel's topics will include: Identifying when a driver is sleepy or not paying attention; Connecting sensor arrays with a car's computer for a responsive system; And can sensor data be transmitted to health providers or insurance companies?

In a mid-afternoon session, the Mainstream Auto Seating Comfort Throughout Your Produce Line will the focus on a diverse, connected segment. Subjects will include using seat comfort as a differential in mid-sized and compact cars; Practical planning for scaling seat comfort tech; And identifying barriers and developing innovative solutions.

The agenda for Day 1 of the summit will conclude with a late afternoon session in which the subject matterwill switch to Trend Setting at Aircraft OEMs: Radical Design Modern Materials and Shapes and Curves.

Using unique seating design to set your product apart; tracking modern material and their application in aircraft seating; and taking advantage of innovative shapes and configurations will be key areas of discussion.

Missy Pereny, the summit's chairperson and global director of Foam & Comfort Engineering for the Lear Corporation, will present the day's closing address.

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