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July 29 - 31, 2019
Detroit, MI

Automotive Seating Innovators Summit Blog

By: James Raia

Ford & Faurecia on Health and Wellness Tools in Seating

Comfort specialists from Ford Motor Company and Faurecia will share how they've used health and wellness tools in automotive seating to increase overall safety and comfort.

By: James Raia

Expanding Seating Comfort Across Aircraft

As automotive seating innovators, how can we utilize other industries for inspiration? How can office ergonomic seating and aircraft seating technologies change the way the automotive industry approaches seating?

By: James Raia

How Faurecia Uses Health and Wellness Tools to Increase Safety and Comfort

Chad Durkee, Innovation Project Manager at Faurecia will discuss how to utilize health and wellness tools to increase comfort needs at the summit. 

By: James Raia

Opportunities in Health and Wellness in Automotive Seating

Chewing gum. Splitting sunflower seeds. Chomping on corn nuts. Taking off your shoes. Opening the windows. Turning on the air conditioner. There are many suggested unscientific methods for staying awake while driving at night and beginning to get tired.