May 18 - 20, 2020 | Detroit, MI

A New Look for Automotive Interiors

Now in its 14th successful year, IQPC’s Automotive Seating Innovators Summit is rebranding to reflect the industry shift towards redefining what encompasses automotive interiors. Welcome to Passenger Experience (PEx) for Mobility 2020.

This Summit has been celebrated across the industry for over a decade as a leading industry gathering and learning platform and most recently in 2019 for its “variety of speakers and diverse conference guests” (Advanced Interiors Engineer, Karma Automotive), “high value content” (Engineer, Honda R&D), and the “excellent opportunity to understand the driving industry trends and insights into the future direction of vehicles” (Delegate, AS2019).

With Passenger Experience for Mobility 2020, we’re taking our educational content and delegate experience even further: 
  • The Cutting-Edge in Automotive Interiors. Hear from start-ups and Fortune 500 companies leading the charge for automotive interiors. What does in-cabin experience look like for the next generation of drivers (even if they’re not driving!)?
  • ‘Alexa, Create some Ambiance’.  Examining the interface between interiors engineering and biometrics to change in-cabin experience for the passenger. Personalize, evoke luxury and create comfort through facial recognition, voice activated controls, and smart textiles and seating engineering.
  • Exchange Seats. Share your thoughts in our Think Tanks for industry leaders. Check out the automotive interior of tomorrow in our Discovery Zone. Get involved in our musical chairs ice-breaker, and networking ‘seat’ dating.
Don’t miss out, Passenger Experience for Mobility 2020 is the summit to attend for  the leaders in the automotive interior industry. Register today!

Highlight Program Topics


Implementing active seatbelt systems 


Fusing information from seat sensors 


Tackling the shortage of quality tech talent 


Smart textiles for smart seats 


Infotainment concepts and development 


Seat ergonomics and wellness monitors 

2020 Passenger Experience Experts

What participants have said about the event:

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