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Join the cross-value-chain event where experts shed light on new powertrain architectures for zero-emission, medium and heavy duty vehicles to maximize range, lower production costs and extend powertrain components lifetime. 

Why you should attend:

  • Hear from OEMs their powertrain architecture requirements that can help optimize its performance and keep production costs low
  • Find out how the EU new standards for commercial vehicles are boosting technical improvements 
  • Discover the newest battery technology developments for allowing fast charging for commercial vehicles
  • Get a deeper understanding of the heavy duty electrification and charging interfaces for commercial vehicles
  • Find out how the EU new standards for commercial vehicles are boosting improvements on testing technologies
  • Learn about state-of-the-art cooling and thermal management technologies for electrified commercial vehicles

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Featured Speakers:

Dr. Andrew Burke

Research Engineer
Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis, United States

Mustafa Karamuk

Senior R&D Engineer, Advanced Powertrain Systems
Ford Otosan, Turkey

Bo Johansson

Director Strategy & Special Projects

Dr. David Flaschenträger

Head of Battery Technology
EFORCE, Switzerland

Dr. Byung-Ki Ahn

Vice President Division of Electronic Powertrain
Hyundai Mobis, Korea

Dr. Daniel Aggeler

Chief Technology Officer
EFORCE, Switzerland

Dr. Michael Lampérth

Phi-Power, Switzerland

Per Öhlund

Road and Rail Department
The Swedish Transport Agency, Sweden

Valentin Pavlov

Project Manager
Chariot Motors, Bulgaria

Dr. Christoph Baum

Managing Director
Fraunhofer IPT, Germany

Andrey Shigaev

Geyser Batteries Oy, Finland

Arnold Weber

Business Development Manager
e.GO REX GmbH, Germany

Christoph Müller

MobileTronics GmbH, Germany

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