10 - 12 September, 2019
Munich Marriott Hotel, München, Germany

Sponsors & Exhibitors


Hitachi Europe
Website: http://pdd.hitachi.eu

Our power semiconductor products deliver high reliability based upon decades of market experience, using advanced proprietary technologies, adopted globally by customers leading their application fields. Continuous development of new products and solutions, including MOS SiC and best in class Silicon semiconductors, contributing to our social innovation business. Building on this... Read More

VisIC Technologies
Website: visic-tech.com/

VisIC Technologies was founded to develop and market high power transistor products based on Gallium Nitride (GaN) material provides the best performance for power conversion systems. Automotive customers are demanding higher density, higher efficiency, simplified thermal design and lower system cost in next generation DC/DCs, OBCs and inverters for hybrid and... Read More

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Heraeus Sensor Technology GmbH
Website: www.heraeus-sensor-technology.com

High-precision temperature measurement is essential for many key technologies, and a prerequisite for effective technical solutions. Heraeus Sensor Technology is a global leader in platinum thin film technology, with tens of millions of platinum thin film temperature sensors manufactured per year. Our sensors precisely measure temperature over the temperature range... Read More