10 - 12 September, 2019
Munich Marriott Hotel, München, Germany

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Preliminary Agenda: Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV 2019

Presenting the Preliminary Agenda for the Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV Conference 2019, taking place on the 10th - 12th September in Munich, Germany.Discover more and learn about the latest developments in wide band gap semiconductors, cost reduction and decrease defect density, power-train and chargers, and the newest solutions in...

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Exclusive Content

Presentation on the EU public funded project ‘InRel-NPower’ by Bosch

Robert Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG and the University of Padova have come together to explore the EU public funded project ‘InRel-NPower' and the low inductive module design for GaN-power modules. Want to learn more information within this topic? Download your copy for free here.

Protean Electric Presentation

Download the exclusive presentation by Protean Electric and learn more about:Motivation for in-wheel motor systemsDesign challengesSolutions and applications examples

Whitepaper on Applying Automotive Robustness Validation to Reduce Unplanned Reliability Testing Cycles by Andre Kleyner and Alexander Nebeling

Power Electronics is the key component for efficiency of EV as new technologies could lead to 5% increase in vehicle efficiency. It is important to stay up to date regarding this topic. We are excited to share with you an exclusive paper on Applying Automotive Robustness Validation to Reduce the Number...

Top 7 Trends in Power Electronics for EVs and HEVs

Power electronics for EVs and HEVs have been progressing steadily toward more quality and overall reliability. New developments in advanced power electronic, packaging and thermal management for powertrain and charging applications could increase efficiency, range and life of EV/HEV. Here we present Top 7 Trends in Power Electronics for EV/HEV...

Last year's Content

Report on Double Sided Cooling and SIC Semiconductors Go Hand in Hand

To meet the demands of ever tightening emissions regulations the automotive industry is rapidly turning to electrification, and while the progress being made with batteries and electric motors capture the headlines, there’s another class of components, equally important, that is also undergoing radicle transformation: The power electronics vital to the...

Report on Sensors for Onboard Emissions Monitoring

Emission targets in the EU and across the world continue to become stricter, and as the onus moves to real-world driving emission limits, onboard diagnostics become more important.What is currently being undertaken and what do you need to know for your business?Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive...