Passenger Experience 2020 Blog

Insights from Carla Bailo, Center for Auto Research


Check out our Q&A with Carla Bailo, President & CEO Center for Auto Research on the future of passenger experience.

Insights from David Neal, Local Motors


Ahead of the Passenger Experience Summit, we had the opportunity to hear from David Nemo Neal, Director of Design Co-Design, Launch Forth + Local Motors! Check out the interview.

Hyundai on Creating Continuity Across the Automobility Seating Industry

By: James Raia

Leaders from across the seating industry, including Scott Ziolek, Principal Seat Engineer for Hyundai will  discuss creating continuity across the automobility industry at the Seating Innovators Summit.

Balancing Seating Innovation with Safety

By: James Raia

Auto Seating Safety and Benchmarks and Standardization is the topic of the keynote address that kicks of this topic-rich afternoon session. Dr. Matt Reed, UMTRI, University of Michigan, will speak with a focus on Looking at How Unexpected Lane Changes Affect Passengers.

Automotive Seating: Looking Across Industries for Inspiration

By: James Raia

As automotive seating innovators, how can we look across industries for inspiration? With health, wellness and safety in mind, what can we learn from aircraft OEMs? 

Ford & Faurecia on Health and Wellness Tools in Seating

By: James Raia

Comfort specialists from Ford Motor Company and Faurecia will share how they've used health and wellness tools in automotive seating to increase overall safety and comfort.

Expanding Seating Comfort Across Aircraft

By: James Raia

As automotive seating innovators, how can we utilize other industries for inspiration? How can office ergonomic seating and aircraft seating technologies change the way the automotive industry approaches seating?

How Faurecia Uses Health and Wellness Tools to Increase Safety and Comfort

By: James Raia

Chad Durkee, Innovation Project Manager at Faurecia will discuss how to utilize health and wellness tools to increase comfort needs at the summit. 

Opportunities in Health and Wellness in Automotive Seating

By: James Raia

Chewing gum. Splitting sunflower seeds. Chomping on corn nuts. Taking off your shoes. Opening the windows. Turning on the air conditioner. There are many suggested unscientific methods for staying awake while driving at night and beginning to get tired.