29 - 31 January, 2019
NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany

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International Conference Noise Optimisation EV HEV 201929-31 January 2019 | Berlin, Germany

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Report on how loud is too loud - What are the best noise levels for electric vehicles

After decades of adding noise level restrictions to vehicle regulations, lawmakers now ask manufacturers to add noise to the quietest vehicles on the road: All-electric cars.Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic ...

Harman Presentation on Defining the Future Vehicle Sound

Modern vehicle platform are optimized for NVH refinement. However, several road noise components are audible and RNC technologies can remove them. But what does the future hold?Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free presentation by Dr. Nikos Zafeiropoulos, Active ...

Report on Frequencies and Tendencies on EV Noise Creation

The EV industry is exploring new ways to implementing sounds for the sake of street safety. Interesting developments from the music industry have been brought in to achieve such feat: multi-track mixing, pitch shifting and amplitude scaling.This has opened up other possibilities like signature ca ...

Report on New Requirements for Silent Cars

The European Parliament adopted the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) for electric and hybrid electric vehicles for the safety of pedestrians. From July 2021 all EVs are required to adhere the new regulations. Download the full report here to ...


Ricardo Presentation on Automotive In cabin Sound Quality Enhancement in Electric Vehicles

Download here the presentation on "In-cabin Sound Quality Enhancement in Electric Vehicles" by Matthew Maunder, Technical Specialist, Power Unit NVH at Ricardo. The presentation covers the following: • Augmented sound enables customer acceptance and appeal inside the car, and supports pedestrian safety outside the car; • Accelerometer on electric motor...