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Noise and vibration are often unwanted phenomena, especially in case of optimized, lightweight, high performance and superior cars. Aspects of safety, efficiency and productivity, accuracy as well as comfort are the principal reasons for vibrati ...

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Registration Form for the International Noise Optimisation Conference 2020

Join the international meeting at the Noise Optimisation Conference 2020 and meet automotive professionals to discuss upcoming concepts of the process chain: development, design, testing, calculation, simulation ...

NVH: Covering Unfamiliar Powertrain Noises in EVS

Despite the silent operation of Electric Vehicles, their e-motor and e-powertrain components are in a symphony of their own. OEMs are looking to minimise the new mechanical sounds coming out of these new parts, to offer car occupants a smooth ride without unfamiliar


Daimler Presentation on NVH Challenges in Deriving a BEV Body Structure from an ICE Platform

Find out the NVH Challenges in Deriving a BEV Body Structure from an ICE Platform in this presentation by Daimler

Durham University Presentation on Strategies to Deal with Wind Noise

Wind noise is gaining importance because of unmasking effect of the electric powertrain, that it has on NVH. Find out in this presentation by Durham University:The strategies to deal with Wind Noise.

Ford Presentation on Noise and Automatic Speech Recognition System for the Autonomous Vehicle

The presentation covers the following:Confirm relationship between cabin noise level and ASR system performanceEvaluate microphone layout and strategies now that intended customer could be in any seat location in the vehicleDiscuss unique AV noise sources not present on traditional passenger carsInitiation with ASR system by Wake-Up-Word and how that may...