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Overcoming Autonomy Challenges by Validating the Safety of AVs with GNSS Simulation 

When an autonomous vehicle enters a tunnel or a downtown area with tall buildings, GNSS positioning is challenged because signals are lost inside tunnels or reflected off of buildings. How do you test localization and positioning algorithms without being on road or without collecting physical data to reproduce all possible global environments and conditions? VTD, Leica and NovAtel are collaborating to solve this problem. The solution involves real world 3D mapping data from Leica, converting it into a perfect/imperfect virtual world with VTD and applying precise point positioning technology from NovAtel. 

Key Takeaways

    • Test methodology for localization algorithms in a virtual environment
    • Verification and validation of your pipelines for HIL, SIL, and DIL
    • Use of real-world 3D mapping to create perfect/imperfect virtual simulated environments with precise positioning