Featured Speakers:


Conference Chairman
 Dave Higham,
 Principal Functional Safety Engineer, WG11 (ISO/SAE 21434), WG8 (ISO 26262 and SotIF),
Imagination Technologies

"10 years of collaboration and exchanges in the IQPC ISO 26262 conference has provide great benefits to the automotive industry’s understanding of good practices and emerging state of the art. Long may it continue!"

Improving Safety of Advanced Mobility

The biggest and longest running expert forum focused on the technical implementation of ISO 26262
Celebrating the 10th edition of the ISO 26262 Conference, during the 4 days our ISO 26262 community will come together once again to lead the charge in debating and discussing the latest in best practice, solutions to critical challenges and analysing future complexities with key WG leaders. From examining, the challenges presented by the second edition and an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, to discussing how ISO 26262 will be applied to next generation more complex systems, this conference is at the frontline of ensuring robustness, efficiency and promoting a systems-based approach. Co-located with the 2nd Annual SOTIF Conference, further insight will be given to ISO/AWI PAS 21448 giving a complete picture of the FuSa environment.

2020 FOCUS:
    • Discuss SAFe (agile) product development in ISO 26262 and understand how to adapt SAFe to support ISO 26262 compliance
    • Hear case studies about ISO 26262 ASIL decomposition for high performance and high safety products to reduce overall complexity
    • Debate interoperability between ISO 26262 and SOTIF as well as other standards such as ISO-SAE 21434 and ASPICE and examine the commonalities within the standardisation field. New for 2020! Pre-conference panel discussion focusing on the  interface between ISO 26262 / SOTIF and Cyber Security
    • 1 Year On: Overview of ISO 26262 2nd Edition: lessons learnt and future roadmap
    • Listen to critical case studies of ISO 26262 implementation in motorcycles and trucks to discuss strategies and lessons learnt
    • Benefit from 2 key focus themes on day 2:
      AI/ML and Autonomous cars are already impacting the industry and many challenges for FuSa and ISO 26262 Compliance remain,
      to address this delegates will benefit from two dedicated sessions focusing on AI/ML and Autonomous vehicles to start separating fact from the fiction, develop workable solutions and give practical advice in extending the safety scope
    • Discuss the safety challenges of a multi-sensor fusion system understanding Industry standardization of detection, fusion and deployment
    • Moving Forward: Starting The Discussions For The 3rd Edition
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  • You will meet like-minded professionals that share the same passion for innovation in business and for making the automotive world a safer place
  • You will take part in lectures and discussions about case studies with real world examples from the top market players that you can take with you to share directly with your colleagues and implement them within your organization