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Conference Chairman
Dave Higham,
Senior Technology,
Delphi Technologies,
WG8 International Member

Improving Safety of Advanced Mobility

The biggest and longest running expert forum focused on the technical implementation of ISO 26262

During the 4-days program we will tackle the universal need in automotive for robust system engineering and moving forward from component-based engineering towards systems thinking that can tackle the complexity of electrification, autonomy and new mobility features. This will be the first conference where the ratified standard will be presented by WG members of ISO/TC 22/SC 32 within the ISO 26262:2018. We will enter the open discussion on the published first draft of ISO/AWI PAS 21448 Safety of the intended functionality (SoTIF).

2019 FOCUS:

  • The case-studies on implementation of newly released ISO 26262:2018 where you will get the opportunity to examine the real-world applications of the standard guidances.
  • The FuSa development issues for the semiconductors, motorcycles and heavy vehicles and what does the standard from 2018 onwards change
  • Differences in scope between 26262 and SOTIF PAS 221448 Safety of The Intended Functionality
  • Tackling challenges of AI-based systems for safe autonomous vehicles
  • Cyber Security interfaces and functional safety
  • Lean and agility in processes for continuous vehicle deployment

You should join us because..

  • Automotive IQ will promote networking in an exciting environment and provide you with a platform to demonstrate your expertise and share your experience with industry peers
  • You will meet like-minded professionals that share the same passion for innovation in business and for making the automotive world a safer place
  • You will take part in lectures and discussions about case studies with real world examples from the top market players that you can take with you to share directly with your colleagues and implement them within your organization


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