20th Annual Conference Intelligent Automotive Lighting 2020

17 -20 February 2020 | Cologne, Germany


This event is the one of a kind meeting point for lighting experts ranging involved with lighting technology and design from interior to exterior lighting to meet, discuss and network in a carefully selected audience.

Stay on track with the newest lighting technology and lighting design trends.

2020 key discussion points:
  • The global automotive interior ambient lighting market is expected to grow rapidly in the next five to six years. Be part of this development by getting informed about ambient lighting concepts from market leaders
  • Regulations are not there yet, while the technology is ready: Light as v2x communication tool. Learn on symbol projection and animation for communication with traffic participants, projection visibility under different weather conditions, and the status of EU regulations
  • Lights and sensors: both systems strongly interact with each other, supporting each other for the sake of driver safety. In interior, light and sensor work together to assist the driver and create the right ambience. In exterior lighting, light enables the camera to see, while the lamp offers the perfect spot for additional sensors such as LiDAR and radar. Get involved in the discussion on how to best combine both at low cost
  • Another strong interplay we observe is the one between light and displays, mainly for communication purposes, as well as for increasing user experience and branding. Increase safety and comfort by learning from Best Practices
  • Understand the impact of e-mobility on interior and exterior lighting
  • Exchange directly with European car makers on their roadmap for autonomous driving and their vision on intelligent lighting
  • Get inspired by out of the box presentation on lighting design from other industries such as the architectural industry
  • Bigger picture: Visit our focus day on the newest interior cabin innovations with topics such as cabin design, material choice and consumer trust
  • Joint with our 16th Automotive Seating conference

Feedback from our 2019 audience
 “Great environment for networking” – Linda Holmkvist, CEVT
“Very interesting topics and nice discussions” – Tomás Sojka, Toyota Tsusho Europe SA
 “Wonderful information, great networking, and great city.” – Tobias Franz, Faraday Future
 “Overall excellent event for networking with both existing and possibly new customers and industry partners” – Francois De Buyl, Dow Silicons Belgium
“I have been here for the first time and I really enjoyed the event, the structure was very accurate and precise .Site of the Hilton hotel was also nice. I liked much the diversity of topics, many areas covered.” – David Hynar, Varroc Lighting

Featured Speakers

Free Reports and Presentations

ZKW Group Presentation: ADB Lighting and Visual Attention 

Eye-tracking studies to characterize the influence of ADB specific light dynamics on perception and attention 

Jaguar Land Rover Presentation: Halogen to Intelligent - The Evolution of Lighting Technology

Expand your knowledge within the area of automotive lighting system.

Report on Changing Mood in Internal Lighting

It is now possible to customize interior lighting with different colours assigned to different driving modes. Learn more in Automotive IQ's report.

PSA Groupe: Symbol Projection & HD ADB Headlamps

PSA Groupe presented their strategy for optimizing ADB systems to different levels of complexity, depending on resolution, to different impacts to the car systems