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Innovations in 48V Technology Online 2020 is the event for people shaping the future of 48V. This technology is becoming the go-to solution for meeting stricter emissions requirements, as the car industry transitions to full electrification. 

Even though a considerable amount of progress has been made in the last year, many questions remainIn this tailored event, you will be able to see presentations from OEMs and suppliers about innovative solutions in power electronics, thermal management, battery technology, wire harness and the electrification of auxiliary functions.

This session will examine:
  • Market trends in China – why are we using 48V instead of (P)HEV
  • Market demand and consumer reaction from a reliability and durability standpoint
  • Future outlook
Fadi Zara, Director Vehicle Development and eMobility, FAW Co. Ltd

Zhuhai COSMX is a worldwide Top Four Li-ion pouch cell manufacturer. It has successfully commercialized an innovative Capacitor Assisted Battery which has greatly-enhanced cold cranking performance, has excellent high temperature reliability and a long lifespan. It also possesses significant cost advantages. These features make CAB technology a promising solution for 12V/48V systems.

This session will detail:

  • COSMX CAB Solution for LV Battery Systems
  • COSMX Developing Strategy for LV Li-ion Battery
  • COSMX Technology Roadmap with Future Product Plan
Tony Li, Technical Director, Zhuhai CosMX Battery Co. Ltd

This session covers:
  • Manual vs. automatic transmissions: high efficiency, low cost, low weight, it is proven technology and lower complexity
  • Applying 48V technology to manual transmissions
  • Applications as Opel Automobile
Konstantin Baron, Assistant Chief Engineer, Opel Automobile GmbH

This session includes:
  • eMobility Complexity : market segmentation and multiplicity of mobility solutions
  • Description of the technical platform approach to address different markets and segments
  • Applied solutions and vehicle benefits
Paul Armiroli, eMotors System Platform Director, Valeo

The closing keynote covers:
  • How 12V and 48V electrical grids will co-exist for the foreseeable future
  • How ASIL-rated, multiple battery systems will become commonplace
  • How the cost/benefit ratio is still prohibitive in many regions
  • How to introduce a multiple output, dynamically adjustable dual voltage capacity system
  • Cost-effective scaling of the capacity system between multiple voltages and multiple grids on each voltage
  • How to solve high redundancy requirements
Dave Rich, BFO – BOM Family Owner 12V – 48V Vehicle Electrification, General Motors

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