Electric drive systems are a fast-developing frontier for EV powertrains, with e-drive systems, e-motors, inverters and on board chargers fundamental to supporting the growing global shift toward vehicle electrification. Cutting-edge technologies are providing the superior speed and torque associated with today’s best electric vehicles. According to some industry analysts, electric drive systems are the future and a key strategic priority of the automotive industry, with vehicle manufacturers emphasizing the need to fully exploit the power of e-drive systems, e-motors and power electronics while reducing mass and electromagnetic losses.

Part of Automotive IQ’s, Global Vehicle Electrification 2021: Cost & Driving Range Optimization Series, the Global Advanced E-Drive Systems for BEV/HEVs 2021, will take place online on 24 & 25 March 2021, and provide a synergized understanding of e-drive motors, e-motors and power electronics – an important platforms for accelerating vehicle electrification, focusing on ways to lower cost, ensure greater electric range and leverage the full-range of capabilities for cutting-edge E-drive systems, e-motors, inverters and on board chargers.

The Global Advanced E-Drive Systems for BEV/HEVs 2021 is customer-driven event, for vehicles OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, with indispensable input and participation from suppliers of e-drives, e-motors, inverter, chargers, powertrains and other drivetrain components solutions.

A product of its time – thin on time, but big on value. 10 solutions-rich presentations and discussions delivered over two days, accessible both live and on-demand.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for Best-in-Breed Vendors

Automotive IQ's Global Advanced E-Drive Systems for BEV/HEVs 2021 online conference is geared to match OEM requirements with expert solutions and give solution providers the opportunity to target customers investing in e-drive systems, e-motors, inverter, chargers, powertrains and other drivetrain components solutions. 

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, contact Alishba Jan on +44-797-9122- 589 or Alishba.Jan@iqpc.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which platform will the event be hosted on?
  • The event will be hosted on IQPC’s user-friendly, highly interactive in-house platform
  • Will I be able to network with speakers and attendees?
  • Yes! The platforms allow all attendees to interact and chat with one another, and even set up 1-2-1 meeting and video calls.
  • Will I be able to view presentations after the event? 
  • Yes! All presentations and discussion are recorded as they are being broadcast, and are available to watch on-demand for 60 days after the event is over.

Who is this event designed for & who should attend? 

    • Electric, Autonomous and Hybrid Vehicles Manufacturers
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the EV space, including:
    • Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturers
    • Battery Management Systems Suppliers

    • Lithium-Ion/Li-Ion Battery Companies
    • Solid-State Batteries Companies
    • Electrified Powertrain Systems and Component Suppliers
    • Thermal/Cooling Systems and Related Component Manufacturers
    • eMobility/Charging Infrastructure Companies
    • High Voltage Systems and Power Semiconductor Suppliers
    • CAE Software and Modelling Suppliers
    • Benchmarking Engineering Services Providers
    • Engineering Consultancies

With Job titles including but not limited to:

    • CEOs, VPs, Directors, Heads of, Technical Leads, Managers, Engineers, Scientists of:
    • BEV, Hybrids and Mild-Hybrid
    • Electrification
    • Batteries
    • Energy Storage
    • Cooling and Thermal Management
    • Materials
    • Research, Development & Innovation
    • eMobility & Charging Infrastructure
    • Powertrain Engineering & Propulsion
    • Systems & Control Engineering

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