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2021 is slated to be the year of tremendous growth in the Electric Vehicle ecosystem on many fronts. Singapore is at the forefront of vehicle electrification in the ASEAN region setting a deadline to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

In other parts of Asia, Thailand’s government unveiled fresh tax breaks for electric vehicle makers while Malaysia is ironing out its Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint to be approved at the national level; and China, the world's biggest EV Market, made a significant rebound in 2020 with electric car sales more than doubled. The EV industry is without a doubt picking up pace in Asia.

Designed specifically for EV professionals, the Future Mobility Interactive Series will allow you to connect with like-minded peers across industries to explore practical solutions in advancing the EV market in Asia.

Our Speakers

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Mansinh Kumbhar

Founder & CEO

GKAMPS Technologies LLP

speaker name

Bhavaneesh Athikary

Automotive Lead, Indo-Pacific


Webinar Session:

By 2025, Electric Vehicles (EV) will represent a third of the automotive market and 51% by 2030, EVs are projected to surpass automotive sales of vehicles powered purely by internal combustion engines (ICEs).

Increasing consumer awareness of sustainability and environmental issues has led to the rise in interest in EVs. At the same time, ecological targets are driving dynamic regulatory change in the automotive industry. Almost 73 countries have announced 100% net-zero CO2 targets by 2050, but globally, these statistics are a long way off.

On 20 May 2021, we bring you a one-stop webinar where you will learn more about:
  • Addressing electrification design & manufacturing challenges through a holistic approach
  • Overcoming smart manufacturing technologies that support electrification through design, production, and quality assurance
  • Understanding the simplification of vehicle technology and target the creation of multiple new modular platforms that support eMobility development from concept to reality, making the journey toward 100% EV faster and more cost-effective