Bauer Maschinen discuss functional safety status quo and outlook

Expand your knowledge within the area of functional safety, with this presentation by Thomas Elsner, Head of Development at Bauer Maschinen GmbH in Germany on the topic of: "Functional safety – how safe is safe?". 

Download the presentation for free here.

Presentation by Pierre Loisy, Safety Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment

Pierre Loisy acts as Functional Safety Manager at the sub-division of compact excavators, Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE). He handles the process leading to the verification of functional safety requirements for both the hardware and software embedded control platforms in the frame of the CE mark. Mr. Loisy shares his time between supporting product development teams, personal and in-house collaborative investigation of advanced assessment and verification techniques through exploring various functional safety standards. Download his full presentation for free here.

Challenges Implementing Functional Safety for Commercial Vehicles

While functional safety standards are well-established in the automotive industry, in the realm of non-road vehicles and mobile machinery, it can still be an arduous task to cross-analyze the applying safety standards relating to the specific function. Learn more about it downloading for free the full presentation of Bart Oosthoek from BRACE Automotive.

Presentation on the overview of hazard analysis and safety function cross-platform standardization

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free presentation by Gianpiero Negri, Project Safety Manager, R&D (Product Development), Electronic Systems, Functional Safety at CNH Industrial in Italy on the topic of: "An overview of hazard analysis and safety function cross-platform standardization".

The presentation covers the following:

  • ISO standards and HARA techniques
  • Vehicle functions – Safety functions definition
  • HARA process: Description, issues, loopholes
  • Standard’ way to proceed: A possible strategy

Download the full presentation for free here