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ISO 26262 USA Conference Agenda

The ISO 26262 USA Conference 2020 focuses on the latest functional safety issues for North America.


Presentation on SOTIF’s application for ADAS - What can we learn from early adopters?

Neil Garbacik from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles shares best practices from FCA`s implementation SOTIF for ADAS, including practical steps to understand system risk and intervention methods. Download the presentation here.

Presentation: Safety Assurance of Machine Learning in Automated Driving Systems

Krzysztof Czarnecki from the Waterloo Intelligent Systems Engineering Lab in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department discusses strategies and research answering this question.

Veoneer Presentation: Methods and Processes for Best Utilization of SOTIF and ISO 26262 Standards

This presentation covers:IntroductionSOTIF NecessitiesHarmonization between SOTIF and ISO 26262 Mission and TargetUtilization of Safety MethodologiesConclusion and Concerns

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Whitepaper: How to use Machine Learning Safely in Automotive Software?

Rick Salay and Krzysztof Czarnecki from Waterloo Intelligent Systems Engineering (WISE) Lab at University of Waterloo concluded in their in-depth research paper how the industry can adopt ISO 26262 to ensure system safety. Read the exclusive paper here.

Article: Application of ISO 26262’s 2nd edition for motorcycles and commercial vehicles

Motorcycles see the emergence of MSIL, whereas Trucks and Buses see their own changes in probability of exposure. Joe Dailey from Mentor and Bangdi Wang from Elektrobit discuss ISO 26262’s application regarding the new vehicle classes.

Interview on Ensuring Safety and Security in Part 11

Florian Reichler, Functional Safety and Security Manager at Hella explains the importance of the House of Safety concept representing an overarching idea that transcends Functional Safety.

Article about battery FUSA in the light of ISO 26262 2nd edition

Car manufacturers invest in replacing the flammable liquid electrolyte with water or solid polymer material with the result of solid-state batteries. With other innovations coming up, battery functional safety becomes an issue. Read more about the trend in our expert article here.

Automotive IQ Article: UL 4600 and How to Write an AV Safety Case

Soon-to-be standard UL 4600 is around the corner. Automotive IQ experts prepared this article to showcase how UL 4600 can be applied to ADAS.The Article covers: Technical overview of UL 4600 Risk analysis and key safety-relevant aspects of design and process UL 4600 and how it relates to other standards...

Article ISO 26262 2.0: Motorcycles and Commercial Vehicles

ISO 26262 has been updated resulting in a second edition that incorporates motorcycles and commercial vehicles –Trucks and Buses- for the first time. Each one of these new vehicle categories reconfigures the Integrity Levels and Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment criteria. Motorcycles see the emergence of the MSIL, whereas Trucks...

Automotive IQ Report on Reducing Costs when Implementing ISO 26262

Implementing ISO 26262 is expensive in terms of staff training, external assessment, and other neuralgic aspects. However, they can bridge the cost gap through innovation, developing smarter testing methods, and a multidisciplinary approach to quality in which process control is a predominant success factor. The latest approaches to cost-efficient Functional...

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Partner Content - ISO 26262 USA Event Agenda - Get the Info!

Improving Safety of Advanced Mobility: This event, co-located with our 3rd International ISO 26262 to Semiconductors USA Conference, is dedicated to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs. Attendees of both conferences will enjoy all breaks and both evening get-togethers jointly. Designed and presented by the USTAG and ISO/TC22 voting members, ISO26262...

Partner Content - ISO 26262 eBook and VW Presentation: Cost Optimised FuSa, ASPICE Assessment & Audit

Expand your knowledge and consider your solutions after reading this exclusive eBook "ISO 26262 - Cost Optimised FuSa, ASPICE Assessment and Part II Challenges" from Automotive IQ and get the free presentation from Volkswagen, “How to combine an ASPICE-Assessment with a Functional Safety Audit” in one package.The eBook covers the...

Partner Content - Reducing Costs When Implementing ISO 26262

Read how Renesas Electronics, NXP, Texas Instruments, and others overcame their challenges and the solutions they say are are still needed to bridge the gap further. Get the report “Reducing Costs When Implementing ISO 26262” here.Learn more about:Methods on how to tackle the cost-challenge in pass.How to handle trade-offs between...