ISO 26262 USA Conference Agenda

The ISO 26262 USA Conference 2019 focuses on the latest functional safety issues for North America.

Experts speaking in this year's conference include:

  • Florian Reichle, Functional Safety & Security Manager, Hella
  • Joseph Kristofik, Director Functional Safety and Cyber Security, Veoneer
  • Alexander Mirmilstein, Functional Safety Manager, IEE
  • David LaRue, Electrical Functional Safety Specialist, FEV

Topics of the conference:

  • SOTIF – bridging the gap of ISO 26262 for a truly safe autonomous system
  • How to address rising electrical safety concern of EV/HEVs from the FuSa perspective
  • „You can‘t be safe if you‘re not secure“ – switching into a security mindset ISO 26262:2018 – how to fine-tune the guidelines into existing procedures and clarifying new requirements 

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