Simon Löffler

VP International Sales innogy eMobility Solutions

Simon Loeffler is Vice President International Sales at innogy SE in Dortmund/Germany and Chairman at innogy’s subsidiary company BTC Power, Inc. in Santa Ana, CA/USA, and at Recargo Inc. with its market leading app & web portal The companies manufacture AC and DC charging hardware with power ranges from 3.7 KW to 350 KW and develop smart IT services for EV charging, as well as customer facing applications and internet tools. Today over 750.000 EV drivers use innogy’s services and products in North America and Europe, a business of innogy Simon is responsible for. 

Conference Day One

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

9:30 AM Keynote panel: E-mobility landscape, strategic collaborations and customer needs

The electron should flow freely between countries - promoting an EU-wide “open grid system”
A “bottom-up revolution” – changing the e-mobility landscape from the local level upwards
Making the charging experience smooth and convenient for the end customer – unified RFID cards, access and payments. What are the customer needs and how are they changing because of EVs?

Conference Day Two

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

8:40 AM Opening Keynote: Infrastructure is worldwide on the move - First hand insights from a technology player involved

Players and industries involved
Size and type of projects
Differences between continents and countries

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