Workshop Day

Workshop B

Weare still in theearlystagesofcharginginfrastructuredevelopmentandthereisno extensive dataandexperience in ordertocreatethemost profitable businessmodelfor all partiesinvolved. Topics such asenergypriceflexibility, futuredemandandpartnershipswithlocationsare still tobeunderstoodcorrectly. In thisworkshopwe will look at theseandotherquestionsandbrainstormwaystocreate profitable businessmodelsfor OEMs, energycompanies, and CPOs.
New structure for the energy sector: Charging infrastructure and its value chain
What new business models are available and how utilities can adjust
Open dialogue between OEM, utilities, and CPOs

Fadi Zara

Director Electric Vehicle Development & eMobility
FAW China


Christian Girardeau

Director Electrification
BP, United Kingdom


Ulf Schulte

Managing Director DAHC
Allego GmbH

11:00 am - 11:30 am Morning coffee break

Workshop C

Legal and regulatory structure for E-mobility is still evolving in Europe. The goal is to create a consumer-friendly, cross-border charging infrastructure that enables seamless transition between countries and operators, while promoting a business case for the stake holders in this sector. In this workshop, we discuss the current state of the legal and regulatory landscape and assess possible future scenarios and how they will influence the E-mobility business. Some of the points discussed are:
The status of the German calibration law
Regulation for eRoaming and interoperability
EU directives for green energy
Needed policies and regulation that allow alternative energy management methods (such as peer to peer, local communities etc.)

Dr. Katharina Vera Boesche

Head of the Legal Expert Group
The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


Dr. Armin Gaul

Project Manager PlanGridEV

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Networking luncheon

Workshop D

With the demands for clean air and convenient mobility options, urban regions are looking towards the adoption of electric vehicles on a large scale. With this mass adoption come big requirements for the charging infrastructure. Some of the most innovative cities in Europe are already investigating this question and working on having more charging stations, more convenient charging options and new types of partnerships in the eMobility and energy delivery space. In this workshop experts from two of the European capitals will focus on discussing these topics in details. Together with the moderators you will be able to address questions such as:
How to prepare for a large number of EVs in the city
Dealing with power overload at peak hours
How to enable charging for larger living communities (apartment buildings etc.).
Deployment of an efficient public transport charging infrastructure

Maarten Linnenkamp

Program Manager E-Mobility
The Municipality of Amsterdam


Kathrine Jørgensen

Senior Consultant
The Capital Region of Denmark