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Download Your Event Guide - Electric Vehicles Asia Summit 2020 Brochure

Electric Vehicles Asia 2020 returns in its third edition, gathering about 200 leading regulators and associations, vehicle OEMs, power and utility companies, independent charging station operators, ride-sharing and transport companies, and battery and technology solution providers.Key t ...

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Download the Article - Why The EV Market Is Embracing Public-Private Partnerships

Public – Private Partnerships are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits compared to wholly private or wholly public enterprises. Benefits such as better coordination between industry and government agencies, improved infrastructure solutions, faster project completions and potential f ...

Download the Article - Four Drivers Behind The Acceleration of The Electric Vehicle Market

While still retaining a small percentage of total vehicles sold, electric vehicles sales are on the rise. Last year a Bloomberg report estimated the global electric vehicle market would that week pass the milestone of 4 million sold to date. It also highlighted that the last million were sold in ...

Download the Report - Electrifying Asia’s Vehicle Market: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for 2019

Asia is set to take advantage of this evolution of road transport. This report sets out the trends, the challenges and the opportunities for 2019 and beyond. Download now to discover:Why China still leads the wayCharging and infrastructure updatesRegulatory measures  ...

Report on Electric Charging - Now and in the Future

Switch on your TV, thumb through a newspaper, or trawl the web, and you could be forgiven for thinking that we are about to enter a gilded age of electrification – a world where the petrol powered vehicle is being phased out. Automotive IQ as written an exclusive report on the topic of "Electric ...

Electric Vehicle Trends and Challenges in Asia

While electric cars aren’t dominating the auto industry just yet, comprising only 1% of auto sales worldwide, this is destined to change as the world becomes focused on a future where demand for alternatives to petrol and diesel cars will rise. With the global electric car stock surpassing 2 mill ...

How Electric Vehicles Can Become a Mass Market Product

Terence Siew, President of the Electric Vehicles Association of Singapore and Regional Manager at Greenlots shoare how EVs can be adopted into the mass market, where we currently stand on the charging technology and the obstacles that still need to be overcome in this exclusive interview.

Past Presentations

Read the Past Presentation - Future Business Models: An OEM Perspective

Past presentation from Mahesh Shinde, General Manager, ERC (Indoor Testing), Tata Motors

Read the Past Presentation - Update of Malaysia initiative towards Electric Mobility

Past presentation from Huzaimi Nor Bin Omar, Head of Low Carbon Mobility, GreenTech Malaysia (Ministry of Energy and Green Technology)

Read the Past Presentation - Market Outlook and Emerging Trends for Asia’s EV Hubs

Past presentation fromTerence Siew, President, Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore & Director, Greenlots Singapore


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Stay at the forefront of your key prospects’ minds! As part of Future Cities Week, Electrical Vehicles Asia 2020 provides the ‘perfect platform’ to network with potential buyers who are aggressively seeking solutions in this market. Get the sponsorship prospectus now and let’s collaborate on how we can maximize your ROI by becoming a partner...