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Download the Brochure - Electric Vehicles Asia 2021

2021 is the year of tremendous growth in the Electric Vehicle ecosystem on many fronts. Singapore is at the forefront of vehicle electrification in the ASEAN region, setting a deadline to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. Download the event brochure to find out:Industry U ...

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Electric Vehicles Asia 2021 Market Report - Exclusive Insights

This industry report contains exclusive insights from industry leaders from Nissan, Senoko Energy Pte Ltd, Qoros Auto, Sooorya Electric Vehicles and CharIN Asia. Report includes:Mapping the evolution of the EV market in Asia over the next 3 years

Read the Article - Investing in Infrastructure: Challenges and Potential for EVs in Asia

In this article, we looked at the key infrastructural challenges and how companies are seeking to drive EV use in Asia, including:The availability and profitability of charging stationsDifferent standards for charging EVsPartnerships between ride-sharing apps and man ...

Read the Article - Perception and Potential: Increasing EV presence in Asia

To increase the EV presence in Asia, along with government support, suitable infrastructure and sufficient resources, consumer demand plays a vital role.In this report we discussHow Nissan is Energised EV in JapanThe rise of personal mobility devices in Asia market

Download the Report - Electric Future: The Gradual Growth of EVs in Asia

In this report, we looked at the state of the EV industry in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, China and Vietnam and uncovered details on:Barriers to wider implementation of EVsGovernment policies’ impact on EV developmentInfrastructural development to support ...

Download the Article - Why The EV Market Is Embracing Public-Private Partnerships

Public – Private Partnerships are becoming increasingly popular due to the benefits compared to wholly private or wholly public enterprises. Benefits such as better coordination between industry and government agencies, improved infrastructure solutions, faster project completions and potential f ...

Download the Article - Four Drivers Behind The Acceleration of The Electric Vehicle Market

While still retaining a small percentage of total vehicles sold, electric vehicles sales are on the rise. Last year a Bloomberg report estimated the global electric vehicle market would that week pass the milestone of 4 million sold to date. It also highlighted that the last million were sold in ...

Past Presentations

Read the Past Presentation - Future Business Models: An OEM Perspective

Past presentation from Mahesh Shinde, General Manager, ERC (Indoor Testing), Tata Motors

Read the Past Presentation - Market Outlook and Emerging Trends for Asia’s EV Hubs

Past presentation fromTerence Siew, President, Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore & Director, Greenlots Singapore