9:00 am - 12:00 pm Focus Group Workshop - Adopting EVs for Business Benefit – How to Incorporate EVs into your Mobility Platform

What can business emporiums stand to gain from switching to the Electric Vehicle lane? Whatever your business is, the deployment of EVs in first and last-mile logistics can reduce the cost of delivery and improve margins significantly. However, converting first and last-mile delivery fleet into electrified models is not without its own unique set of challenges. Ensuring adequate charging infrastructure, meeting power demand, and managing scale and mission-focused operations are some important considerations in the equation for commercialising EVs. Find out how EVs can make better business sense by building a proper ecosystem with a robust supply chain for more efficient business operations.

  • Co-design concepts with local ecosystem partners for electric vehicles best suited for your business
  • Restructure a sustainable last-mile delivery network with strategic infrastructure planning
  • Navigate challenges in incorporating electric models into fleets of corporate vehicles

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Batteries on Wheels Workshop - Harnessing the Power of Alternative Battery Technologies and New Electrification Technologies

Batteries are the key technology driving forward EVs, enabling the decarbonisation of the transport industry. Even when batteries instead of fuel power vehicles, challenges such as battery charging speeds, energy demands during peak charging periods and energy wastage still slow down the development of a optimally energy-efficient EV model. How can we increase the potential of batteries to synergise with the power system, reduce constraints on energy networks and ensure energy security? Learn more about how you can optimise EV batteries for the next big battery breakthrough.

  • Identify the key ingredients to increase battery performance reliability and reduce costs
  • Leverage alternative technologies to meet changing charging patterns and demands
  • Mitigate the EV charging load on the grid infrastructure through innovative Vehicle-to-Grid design