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Powering the Next Wave of Electric Vehicles in Asia

Ensuring EV-Ready Infrastructure | Addressing Consumer Concerns | Driving Mass E-Mobility

Due to looming environmental concerns in Asia, the EV Asian market is looking bright with higher sales volume. While governments from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, are pushing for EV initiatives as a more energy-efficient and cost-effective transportation mode, challenges still lie ahead. Establishing EV-ready infrastructure, the low uptake of EVs due to consumer concerns and the slow electrification of mass transport still stand in the way of actualising full-scale EV adoption. 
The Electric Vehicles Asia Online hence navigates roadblocks and maximizes market opportunities by ensuring EV-ready infrastructure, addressing consumer concerns to increase demand and driving mass e-mobility. This online conference will feature latest insights and bring together leading regulators and EV associations, vehicle OEMs, power utilities, independent charging station operators, ride-sharing and transport companies, fleet operators, battery and technology solution providers.

Past EV Experts and Speakers

Key Strategies to Accelerate EV Adoption

Address consumer concerns to increase demand for EVs

Electric Vehicles Asia Online

Establish a Solid and Flexible EV Infrastructure through Sustainable Models

Electric Vehicles Asia Online

Implement Practical Strategies from different EV Markets across Asia

Steer Future Economies into the Next Level of Connectivity with EV and Smart Grids 

Electric Vehicles Asia Online

Gear up for Smart and Urban Mobility to Drive Forward
Future Cities

Electric Vehicles Asia Online

Pave the Way for Future Mobility with Effective Urban Planning Strategies