Past Presentation on Porsche's 918 Spider

Power Electronics is the key component for efficiency of EV. New technologies could lead up to 5% increase in product efficiency. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get a deeper insight on Porsche's 918 Spyder and download this Past Presentation introducing it.

Learn from the industry experts about the specifics of:

  • The powerful Engine
  • Cooling Systems
  • High Voltage Components
  • Rolling Chassis
  • Front & Rear Power Electronics

Article on E-Motor Technology: How to Achieve More Efficiency

With the e-motor tech improving by leaps and bounds, the industry is looking toward more efficient machines with their respective and equivalent thermal management and power electronics systems.

Packaging plays a big role, Audi E-tron is the paradigm of efficient as it offers an “intelligent” axle kit. The industry is looking for innovations on interconnection configuration for enhanced power module performance. 

Read E-Motor Technology: How to Achieve More Efficiency and expand your knowledge on the latest developments in this technology.

Past Presentation on Axial Flux Motors Manufacturing and Application by Michael Lampérth from Phi-Power

Axial flux motor offer better power and torque than conventional motors. However, they are not widely used due to the lack of manufacturing and design experience in the automotive industry. Find out more about the subject from a past presentation on Axial Flux Motors Manufacturing and Application presented by the CEO of Phi-Power, Dr. Michael Lampérth.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Better performance – less material
  • Changing the motor diameter
  • Position of electric motor
  • Manufacturing
  • Pros and cons of Electrical steel and SMC

Download the Agenda for the Advanced E-Motor Technology USA 2019!

Download the agenda and learn more from representatives of Porsche CarsGMAudiVolkswagenVolvo and AAM.

At this year’s conference, you will:

  • Learn how to achieve cost efficiency through improved product and process advancements on e-motor manufacturing
  • Listen to case studies from leading OEMs and Tier 1s on packaging new technologies and thermal management 
  • Get a deeper understanding of transmission system technologies
  • Discuss manufacturability of cost efficient packaging for efficient thermal management

Presentation on High Speed Electric Machine Design Trends and Techniques for Traction

We are delighted to offer you free access to the North Carolina State University on "High Speed Electric Machine Design Trends and Techniques for Traction" presented at last year's Advanced E-Motor Technology Conference by Iqbal Husain, ABB Distinguished Professor at North Carolina State University, and Director at FREEDM Engineering Research Center.

The presentation focuses on:
  • Opportunities and Challenges with high speed machines
  • Trade-offs in High speed machine design
  • Electromagnetic, Thermal and Structural Design Analysis using finite elements
  • Power Electronics interaction with High Speed Machines

Past Presentation on E-Motor Design and Controls Considerations for PHEV and EV Applications by Harsha Nanjundaswamy

Get an in-depth overview of current technology trends in e-mobility in this presentation by Harsha Nanjundaswamy