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UBI Creates Chance for Insurers to Partner with Automakers

Connected cars are rapidly changing the way auto insurers handle policies. The emergence of usage-based insurance (UBI) has created several new opportunities for insurers to incorporate driving behavior data, such as speed, hard breaking and other contextual factors. Read the full article to learn more about the opportunities for automakers to partner with insurance providers to increase the adoption of UBI and other telematics-driven offerings.

Article courtesy of Bethan Moorcraft and Insurance Business Magazine.

Commercial Auto Insurance at Nationwide is About to Get Connected

Nationwide recently hired a commercial telematics director, Pete Frey, who has spent a lot of time focusing on connected car technology. In this article, Mr. Frey shares the lessons he has learned from telematics in the automotive sector and how to apply these lessons in insurance.

Article courtesy of Alicja Grzadkowska and Insurance Business Magazine.

Here's How the Auto Insurance Industry Can Prepare for Driverless Cars

Two industry experts have weighed in on the issue of driver-less cars, saying that the auto insurance industry can adapt to this highly disruptive technology.

Research and computer modeling conducted by Accenture and the Stevens Institute of Technology projected that by the year 2035, as many as 23 million fully-autonomous vehicles will be traveling on US highways, out of the roughly 250 million total cars and trucks registered in the country.

Article courtesy of Lyle Adriano and Insurance Business Magazine.