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Navigating Today's Diverse Regulatory Environment to Develop Your Connected Car Insurance Program

Did you know UBI data laws currently vary state by state in the U.S.? This is just one of the many hurdles in today's regulatory environment. Watch this informative video to find out:

  • The secret to success in starting, or expanding, your connected car insurance initiative
  • The percentage of insurers that will be utilizing UBI technology by 2020
  • Three tips for navigating today's legal environment
  • And much more!

The Future of Car Insurance: Digital, Usage-Based, & Predictive [Insights from Honda]

The auto insurance industry is experiencing its most seismic shift since it began more than 100 years ago. Ahead of the Connected Vehicle Insurance Summit, we spoke with Aparajithan Rajendran, Solutions Architect for Next Generation Telematics at Honda, to hear his thoughts on operationalizing data to increase tactical level solutions, establishing a UBI program, the future of car insurance, and much more.

5G & Connected Cars

While today's networks can still handle many applications, 5G will be a key enabler for connected cars and autonomous vehicles. They will be able to almost instantaneously communicate with each other, as well as with buildings, and infrastructure. 5G will enable digital services from within the car, thereby enhancing the passenger experience, and increasing mobility revenue potential.

Monetizing Data from the Connected Car

As the automotive industry moves towards autonomous driving, today’s new cars gather and process increasingly vast amounts of data. Vehicles equipped with an array of sensors and cameras generate data about how they are used, where they are on the road, the surrounding environment, and the operating status of a variety of systems and components. In the next few years, this data will be used widespread by insurance providers.