Discuss the latest component solutions for High-Speed e-drives
at the new Component Innovation for E-Drives Conference!

Component Innovation for E-Drives is a highly customer driven event, with a specific focus on component solutions for E-drives. Co-located with both the Advanced E-Motor Technology and the Thermal Management for EV/HEV Conferences in Februray  2020, this conference will provide a synergized understanding of both E-Motors and E-Drive Mechatronics.  

This event will be the meeting ground for OEMs, Tier 1's, and Tier 2's suppliers alike, whilst particularly focusing on bearing suppliers, powertrain and other drivetrain components solutions achieved through research and development, new concepts as well as supply solutions.

  • Bearings and Mechanical E-Train Efficiency: Friction optimized bearings with increased lifetime, high speed and increased ratio spread in transmission.
  • Energy Efficiency and Reliability: Improving electronic components and performance through reduction of loss in magnets and windings, reduce system energy consumption, and increase thermal efficiency of components and systems.
  • Lighter and quieter Components and NVH: discover new materials for components, and improveded lubrication and NVH solutions.

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