Report on Rethinking Car Seat Design

More than 60% of all surveyed, across age groups in the PwC report, expected cars to be like traveling computers or entertainment centers, embedded with a myriad of sensors and communication devices that transmit all manners of information to and from our homes, our phones, and our other personal devices.

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive free report written by Automotive IQ on the topic of: "Rethinking Car Seat Design".

The report covers the following:

  • The trends that set the stage: Car-sharing and self-driving cars
  • Advances in seat design engineering
  • Goals in car seat design

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Report on how Reconfigurable Cabins will shape the user experience in automated cars

With the development of autonomous driving the role of cars has changed towards a new type of consumer space as more and more time is spent within the car.

Riding rather than driving is what is expected in the future implying innovations from the in-cabin design and entertainment.

Download the full report here to learn more about radical transformations.