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Expert Interview on future automated vehicles: Rolling robot or moving living rooms

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive interview conducted by Automotive IQ with Peter Rößger, Founder at beyond HMI in Germany.

In the interview he discusses:

  • The unifying global trend, if any, for automotive HMI in automated vehicles
  • Comparisons or parallels to other industries or consumer product launches
  • Integrating HMI into the very creation of design
  • Integrating UX requirements in system engineering

Download the full interview for free here

Expert interview on how automated driving will reshape cabin innovation

The nature of our relationships with our cars is changing, MaaS and autonomous cars will reshape future cabin developments. What does the future hold?

Automotive IQ spoke exclusively to Frank Rinderknecht, CEO at Rinspeed AG in Switzerland on this topic area. He gives his views on how this will happen, and sheds more insight into how we will see a reboot in passenger experience. Download the full interview here .