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LI-ion Progress and the Power Brokers - Automotive IQ Article

The battle for the battery of the future continues to gain in intensity, with lithium-ion remaining the technology of choice as the latest developments could ensure it remains the default for years to come. On the other hand, new materials, whether for anodes or cathodes, are heading toward improvements on the atomic level. Would you like to further explore this topic?
Automotive IQ has prepared an overview of the latest LI-ion developments, which aim to be the winning element when it comes to the long-term battle supremacy on battery technology for a whole range of products. Download here for free

Article by Volvo: BMS for EVs

Download the interview with Dr from Volvo explaining how electrification and autonomous driving will shape the future of BMS.

Samsung SDI Presentation: From the Vehicle to the BMS - How Systems Engineering can Reduce the Cost of Development

Download the presentation and learn more about Samsung SDI`s approach on:

  • Identifying, decomposing and cascading requirements from vehicle level to BMS level
  • Keys to choosing the best BMS architecture
  • Anticipating future battery technologies in today’s BMS requirements 

Presented by Adama Ba, Functional Safety Manager at Samsung SDI

Interview Mercedes-Benz Research and Development on the Future of Battery Systems

Automotive IQ talked exclusively with Karthik Ganesh, Battery Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development in India about the effects of electromagnetic interference on and the future of battery systems in our latest interview that you download for free here: