Chairman Letter 2019 Automotive Battery Management Systems

The way we get around in this world is subject to a number of ”disruptions”. Individual ownership of a car may not be the ultimate statement in terms of defining your image. But a major element in defining image or “position” is still connected to consumption ! Megacities in the parts of the world which we used to consider less developed where people hardly can have cars due to congestion , parking etc are growing rapidly. Consumption of various kinds increasing dramatically yet stores are closing due to internet shopping “exploding” demanding individual transportation of more or less small packages with average return rates of up to 80% ! And boxes and other materials used for the packages have to be “managed” in some kind of scrapping and refuge handling. Air quality and climate concerns are not only limited to TRANSPORT but transport is still rather un-expensive and affordable why many politicians and influencers target transportation as source of greenhouse gases. While production of goods , clothes etc are of course also contributing heavily.

The future transport , we believe , is electric ! But battery production also influences emissions of GHG plus that it consumes or requires other more or less rare materials such as water , cobolt , copper etc and also electricity is a “fuel” giving a greenhouse gas footprint in most cases. And there are no signs that people travel less. “Experiences” are often combined with journeys

The new electrified transportation surroundings will obviously also create new challenges in terms of compatibility and safety. Demands to charge rapidly and to avoid heavy solutions will push both voltage and current levels. Which directly causes safety concerns when we start approaching kilovolts or transfer of higher energy amounts. Also , from a crash perspective , batteries may be a concern. With solutions for autonomous vehicles the sensitivity to electromagnetic emissions may also be of interest.

Since it is people , competent and passionate people , that makes the difference an event like this conference is an excellent “tool” to learn and build the knowledge. Plus create the networks required to sustainably keep our society a better place !

Chairman: Bo Johansson, Director Strategy & Special Projects, Volvo Group

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Featured Speakers

Bo Johansson

Director Strategy & Special Projects
Volvo Group, Sweden

Dr. Philippe Gyan

Innovation Pilot Battery System Modeling
Renault, France

Michał Sierszyński

Advanced Technologies Manager
Solaris Bus & Coach, Poland

What You Can Expect

2 Conference Days + 1 Workshop Day

4 Workshop Sessions

Roundtable Sessions

4 OEMs Onsite

Networking Possibilities

What are the Benefits of Attending?

Discover new concepts for battery management system architecture and how these are helping to reduce production costs

Review strategies for functional safety of battery management systems and how to effectively implement these standards

Develop a better understanding of the battery cell and its aging and how to control these factors to optimise battery management system performance

Learn how the latest mathematical modelling is improving battery management system accuracy and functionality

Examine the effect that using the battery for second life has on the design of battery management system

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