16 - 19 March, 2020

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Download the Event Guide - Autonomous Vehicles Asia 2020 Preliminary Agenda

This year it will be strategically co-located on 16-19 March 2020 with 3rd Electric Vehicles Asia Summit, and Smart Grids & Microgrids Asia Summit under the umbrella of Future Cities Week 2020.2020 KEY THEMESReconciling Government Re ...

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Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles should be making a SPLASh to manage risk

The route to a fully autonomous vehicle market seems long and fitful in the eyes of many. But it is likely to become a reality faster than many are prepared to accept. Like IBM, Kodak, and many other companies once confronted with a rapidly changing market, we, too, are now...

How will Autonomous Vehicles change Public Transportation?

Imagine hopping into a car, setting the coordinates of your destination, and then sitting back to take a nap or read a book while the car safely transports you across town. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, no? Well, prepare yourself, because autonomous, or self-driving, cars are...

Mercedes Autonomous Bus Takes Passengers Towards a Future of ‘Spectacular’ Smart Cities

Mercedes has launched an autonomous bus with a view to the future of integrated intelligent transport systems for smart cities.The company unveiled its Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot, which it says is “a milestone on the way to the autonomous city bus, and a revolutionary mobility system for the future”.Some...

An integrated perspective on the future of mobility

This report seeks to uncover some key trends by addressing the following questions: How will advanced mobility take shape in different urban environments? Will society be better or worse off, and what will the main drivers be? Do changes in local mobility systems have global impact? If we are to...

Braking System Redundancy and Autonomous Driving

We have recently seen the evolution of many advanced assisted driving technologies as the automotive industry moves ever closer to fully autonomous driving. Automated emergency braking is one of many examples of how electronic controls have made driving safer, but such systems are clearly designed to work in tandem with...

Autonomous Vehicles - A Solution to Traffic Congestion

The pursuit of self-driving cars is well and truly underway, with the who’s who of automakers mostly targeting around 2020 or 2021 to roll out vehicles that are at least Level 3 automation (according to SAE International’s classification). Some, like Tesla, are even more ambitious with sights set on 2018...

Is Deep Learning Really the Solution for Everything in Self-Driving Cars?

The higher the level of automation for a car, the more “intelligent” the vehicle needs to become. Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data –...

Which OEM’s are winning the Autonomous Race?

The race towards autonomous vehicles has been heating up for some time, but we’re nearing the climax as OEM’s are rushing to announce details of their plans for the next five years. A bold new sector has seen rapid innovation in a short space of time, and the landscape has...

Autonomous Truck Technology - A Global Outlook

Autonomous vehicle technology continues to develop at pace, and it has the potential to bring sweeping changes to our transportation systems. Much of the focus is on the impact this technology will have on passenger vehicles, but the trucking industry will also experience significant change over the coming decades.

The Future of Autonomous Trucks

In Singapore, meanwhile, convoys of driverless trucks carry freight between terminals at the city’s bustling shipping port, while, in Germany, truck-maker MAN and operator DB Schenker plan to test twotruck platooning with HGV drivers behind the wheel – rather than testers – on the A9 motorway between the company’s Munich...

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Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous technology is set to transform the motor industry over the next decade, but there are no clear paths laid down for OEMs to follow, and as such we could be on the verge of revolutionary changes. In fact, we almost certainly are with recent developments is AI!

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Download the 2019 AV & EV attendee list

A snapshot of 2019 AV & EV attendee list.

Five examples of AV partnerships: De-risking the future by teaming up

Here we explore five of these partnerships that are currently making head way in the AV space.Uber and VolvoToyota and Amazon, Mazda, Pizza Hut and UberVolkswagen and AuroraFiat Chrysler Automobiles, BMW Group, Intel and MobileyeDaimler and Bosch

Download the Article - The Tipping Point for the Autonomous Vehicles Market

In this ebook we explore why the mid-2020s are being highlighted as a potential tipping point? What technological achievements need to happen? Where will the industry be? 

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES IN ASIA: Current and Future Readiness

The global AV market is expected to expand to $173.15 billion within the next five years. In Asia in particular, the spotlight is being shone intently on how AV can become part of a sustainable solution to keep many of the world’s most populous cities moving. In this report we...

Download the Presentation - Benefits, Barriers and Forecasting Timelines from Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Past Presentation from Our Speaker Pete Kelly, LMC AUTOMOTIVE for Autonomous Vehicles 2018.Benefits, opportunities and threats from self-driving vehicles (AVs)Barriers to adoptionForecasting timelines