11 - 14 August, 2020
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Post-Conference Workshops

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Connecting People, Connected Vehicles - Design and Integrate an Autonomous Vehicles Concept into an Existing Public Transport System

Trials of autonomous vehicles are ongoing in many parts of the world. These trials typically use existing autonomous vehicles with testing in a real city environment. This workshop will illustrate a different approach. The idea is first to formulate the vehicle design requirement (capacity, number of seats, etc.) and the operational concept (e.g. feeder, first last mile, etc.) based on the existing city and transport system. In the second step, the vehicle itself, transport routes and networks will be designed based on real transport needs.

  • Methodology of defining the transport-related vehicle requirements, network design and operational characteristics for autonomous vehicles.
 Dr. Andreas Rau, Principal Investigator, TUMCRAETE

  • Human-centred design concepts for autonomous vehicles, including user needs and wants, based on the requirements of the existing transport system.
 Dr. Henriette Cornet, Principal Investigator, TUMCRAETE

  • Introduction of a vehicle concept development tool for autonomous vehicles. This tool can generate alternative vehicle concepts (powertrain, chassis, cooling, interior and structural systems of the vehicle) based on the operational requirement characteristics.
 Dr. Aybike Ongel, Principal Investigator, TUMCRAETE
Dr. Andreas Rau, Principal Investigator at TUMCRAETE

Dr. Andreas Rau

Principal Investigator

Dr. Aybike Ongel, Principal Investigator at TUMCRAETE

Dr. Aybike Ongel

Principal Investigator

Dr. Henriette Cornet, Principal Investigator at TUMCRAETE

Dr. Henriette Cornet

Principal Investigator

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Testing & Creating a Safer Future : Simulation Planning for Autonomous Vehicles - To Be Confirmed

In the automotive industry, a combination of virtual testing and physical testing is necessary. The big question is to figure out what can be tested in the simulation software environment and what needs to be left for the physical testing. The industry is constantly looking out for the best practice in terms of simulation-based test or software-in-the-loop (SIL) test. In this workshop, let us explore the considerations in simulation planning for autonomous vehicles.