Zooming into a Driverless Future 2030 

Strategising Your 10-Year Race from Pilot to Deployment

The global autonomous vehicle market will reach $172.3B USD by 2024. In Asia, roadmaps are in place and organisations are proactively rolling pilot projects out for autonomous vehicles. This is in line with the global prediction towards realising full self-driving capability by 2030. Connectivity, the key element in achieving full autonomy can be addressed with next-generation 5G network. The final piece in the puzzle for a driverless future is finally ready - this marks the start of a 10-year race towards a driverless future in 2030!

However, roadblocks along the path from pilot to deployment of autonomous vehicles still remain and revolve around regulation, liability, infrastructure, connectivity, cybersecurity and safety. 

Bringing together case studies from around the region, Autonomous Vehicle Asia 2020 Online Event is therefore the destination to address critical issues at different levels of automation, foster regional partnership and prepare for the next decade. 

2020 Key Speakers Include:

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2020 Key Themes

Reconciling Government Regulations and Standards with Advancing Transport Technology

Journey Towards Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Through Partnership and Innovation

Future Mobility Driving Future Cities

Impacting Autonomous Vehicles Market with 5G Next-Generation network

Learning from Peers and Overcoming Speedbumps from Pilot to Deployment

Why Attend? 

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Gain knowledge and understand what future lies ahead for autonomous vehicles

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Explore use cases to drive business model developing, navigate and stay ahead of upcoming changes.

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Find out how you can leverage on 5G next-generation network and technology to bring you closer to full vehicle autonomy

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Learn practical insights and key takeaways on partnership strategy to help you accelerate autonomous vehicles development

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Dedicated speed networking sessions to help build your network with professionals across the entire autonomous vehicles value-chain

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