Srikanth Hari

Technical Program Manager Ford

Srikanth Hari is a seasoned Program Manager with experience in various domains including Mobile, Automotive, Tax, and Healthcare. He is currently a Technical Program Manager/Product Designer at Ford Motor Company. At Ford, he works on several key features on the Infotainment unit for future model years. He is extremely passionate about Autonomous Vehicles as well as Electrification. He is fascinated by the evolution of HMI in line with increasing Electrification and AV capability in vehicles. Srikanth Hari has an MS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Michigan, MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University, NewYork, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, California.

Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

12:35 PM Driving the Evolution of ADAS and Infotainment System with HMI

·  Reinforce safety of AVs through intelligent validation techniques

·  Examine the role of data analytics in validation and requirements of system to functional testing and agility in V-model

·  Discuss ISO26262: Functional safety of complex system of CAVs