Kris Bailey

Chief Executive Officer eeVee Mobility

Kris Bailey began his career in the insurance industry. He was trained in loss mitigation and risk management procedures. After that, he was the COO of Electric Cab, a taxi company who uses electric vehicles. From that experience, he realized the need for a Microtransit company that focused on first and last mile problems in the public transportation sector and founded Eevee Mobility. He sees Eevee as a way to bridge the gap between car ownership and more easily accessible public transit. Kris would like to see his vision of a cleaner, safer future for the next generation realized. His firm belief in forming partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations helps to work together toward the common goal of making this planet a better place for everyone. This begins with clean and efficient modes of transportation.

Agenda Day 2

Friday, February 28th, 2020


• Define what is needed from an infrastructure and connectivity standpoint to support electric and autonomous shuttles.
• Who are the key stakeholders in this endeavor? Engaging municipalities, OEMs, among others.
• What are the benefits of EVAV in public transportation

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Kris.

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