Heiko Wenczel

Head of Detroit Lab Epic Games

Heiko Wenczel started his career at Mercedes Benz in 2004 with a focus on planning and visualization. Targeting data models and processes, he continued working in the plant simulation space. He joined a team focused on building the next-gen visualization and configuration system for Mercedes’ passenger cars. Heiko joined Mackevision as president and moved to Detroit in 2008 to establish Mackevision Corporation. After that, he was involved in several creative content pipelines for major automotive. After the acquisition by Accenture Interactive, he was focused on building similar workflows for all industry verticals. To return to innovation and technology, Heiko joined Epic Games to drive the development of next-gen data and visualization platforms in automotive and manufacturing.

Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

11:30 AM Leveraging Real-Time 3D Visualizations to Shorten the Design Cycle for AVs

Autonomous Vehicle development is at the crossroads of many disciplines for visual and AI development. Unreal Engine is used in various ways to support those development efforts. Learn from different use cases from design evaluation to simulating environments and training the AI all the way to being the HMI display software.

• Dive deeper into the benefits of building and reviewing designs at human scale

• Leveraging insights from existing use cases to support new innovations across automotive HMI, infotainment, and digital cockpit experiences