Dr. Florian Baumann

CTO - Automotive & AI Dell Technologies

Dr. Florian Baumann works as a CTO specializing in Automotive & AI at Dell Technologies. He is an industry-recognized expert for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence who chairs many industry events and frequently visits with leading OEMs and Tier 1s. His responsibility is to support companies in the development process of ADAS functionalities and self-driving cars. Previously, he was the technical director of ADASENS Automotive in Germany and focused on ADAS development. Florian received his PhD with a focus on Machine Learning applied to scene understanding. He has published more than 20 papers and patents.

Agenda Day 1

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

12:45 PM Designing a Future-proof Architecture for the Software-Defined Everything Era

An extremely expanded ecosystem, new software-based architectures, broadly deployed connectivity and the ability to identify and monetize data are increasingly impacting automotive OEMs’ business models and profit pool. The automotive market beyond 2030 will look quite different compared to today’s, and consequently so will vehicle manufacturers’ traditional operating strategies. The development of a reliable and complete ecosystem is key for future success, both inside and outside the vehicle. The new functionalities found in cars today and expected in the future are not about hardware; instead the industry is entering the “software-defined everything” era. Software-defined vehicles and “functionality as a service” will continue to drive new revenue streams in the future, as well as create cost-reduction opportunities along the entire automotive value chain. 

• See the results of a 2020 Wards Intelligence/Dell Technologies automotive industry survey on future vehicle architectures 

• Learn how to put back-end processes and infrastructures in place quickly to efficiently adjust and scale to the needs of the complex and broader ecosystem of the future