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2019 Autonomous Vehicles Solution Providers Guide

Take an inside look at exclusive Sponsor/ Exhibitor opportunities at Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley, see who will be onsite, past sponsors and more.For additional information contact

Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2020 Event Guide

The Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley agenda is here! Download now for insights into which speakers, sessions and networking opportunities you can expect to see this February 26-28 in SV! If you would prefer a copy via email, please contact Include:James Breyer, President, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, Hercules Electric VehiclesDawen (David) Zhou, Head...

Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley: Past Attendee Snapshot spex

Interested in who you can expect to shake hands with this February in SV? Check out the Past Attendee Snapshot.

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Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley Current Attendee Snapshot

Interested in who you can expect to see at Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley, February 26-28? Access the Current Attendee Snapshot!

Autonomous Vehicles Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers at Autonomous Vehicles Conference to get a preview of who you can expect to meet and learn from in February 2020 in Silicon Valley, CA!

A Letter to Convince Your Boss

Having trouble convincing your supervisor for time off?  Check out our customizable 'Convince Your Boss' Letter and feel free to give it a try!

Whitepapers and Reports

Is Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) the Future of Transportation?

Are the days of car ownership over? Proponents of  Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) say yes. By offering users the ability to choose between multiple modes of fast, cost-effective and efficient modes of transportation via one single platform, MaaS has the potential to not only revolutionize traditional transportation but the automotive industry, urban...

The Role of the Chassis in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

Check out Auto IQ's in-depth report on the opportunities and challenges associated with designing chassis for complex autonomous vehicles. This 40 page white paper covers:Drive-by-wireVehicle Motion ControlChassis electrificationChassis safetyLightweight chassis structures

Solving the Storage Conundrum in ADAS Development and Validation

The automotive industry is in the midst of a highly competitive transitional period, with the ultimate goal of fully autonomous or “driverless” vehicles likely to be realized within a decade. The scale and intensity at which OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers must bring innovations to market – while containing costs,...

Why ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles Need Thermal Infrared Cameras

The advent of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will revolutionize how we travel and transport goods by road while improving safety. They have the potential to provide all age groups greater freedom of movement and improve the efficient operation of cars. Simultaneously, they may reduce accident...

Accelerate Automotive Development with Intelligent Management of Machine-Generated Data

With Quantum’s intelligent data management solutions—built on StorNext®, the industry’s fastest streaming file system—automotive companies can automate their storage policiesand accelerate analysis while reducing overall storage costs.Content courtesy of Quantum.

Shared Automated Vehicles: Review of Business Models

This paper provides an introduction to the current state of vehicle automation and shared mobility. The paper discusses current shared mobility business models to foster a better understanding of these systems at present and to set the stage for possible future shared automated vehicle (SAV) business models. The discussion covers...

Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Guide For Policymakers

This thorough, 200-page report, courtesy of the RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, explores legislative activity, the role of telematics and communications, and liability implications, among many other topics surrounding autonomous cars. 

Exclusive Content

Accelerating the Deployment of Level 5 Automation

Although autonomous technologies haven't reached wide scale adoption yet, many have already been tested and protoyped. With deployment imminent, we analyzed the four largest technical challenges facing autonomous vehicles today. Developing solutions to tackle these specific challenges will be compulsory to accelerate the deployment of level 5 automation.Download this report...

Borgward R&D on: Behavior Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Self-Driving Cars

We sat down with Dr. Joe Xing, Director of Artificial Intelligence for AV at Borgward R&D, to learn more about their behavior learning and AI safety platform for self-driving cars. Check out this exclusive in-depth interview to learn all about: The potential of Borgward's AI platform to transform autonomous driving...

Connectivity & Data Storage: Data Acquisition, Storage, Management and Labelling

The drive towards autonomous vehicles will encounter many challenges and several of them will revolve around data. The scale of the task of creating a car which can drive more reliably than a human cannot be underestimated. In just one day, a test autonomous vehicle produces as much data as...

Sensor Technology: The Evolution of Sensor Arrays

Autonomous vehicles have gone beyond a concept to being accepted as the future of mobility, but the motor industry has plenty to grapple with in order to make that a reality. High profile accidents involving autonomous cars have highlighted that various technical barriers still remain in terms of scalability and...

Intelligently developing and testing the AI safety case

Read our latest Automotive IQ technical paper on “Intelligently developing and testing the AI safety case” by Professors Amnon Shashua and Shai Shalev-Shwartz, for free here:

Presentation on how to Determine Validation Testing Scenarios for ADAS Functionality

Learn how to determine validation testing scenarios for an ADAS functionality by reading ZF’s proposal on ADAS testing scenarios; presented by Functional Safety Experts Gaetano Fiaccola and Oleg Kirovskii.

Cracking the Safety Algorithms

According to vehicle traffic data, about 89.8% of accidents are triggered by driver’s erroneous decision-making, comprising more than one million incidents worldwide every year. As the automotive sector grows and autonomies driving technologies mature, the industry is turning to relieving traffic accidents, that will offer the consumer all the trust...

Welcome to the Autonomous Revolution: How Autonomous Technology is Transforming the Automotive Industry from the Inside Out

The Autonomous Vehicles Summit surveyed 325+ global automotive leaders to identify where car manufacturers are on their journey towards autonomous, how they’re capitalizing on this opportunity for reinvention and the key challenges they’re facing as a result. This report aims to not only present a snapshot of the current state...

Autonomous Vehicles: Using Satellite Data for Mapping

Cellular and terrestrial Wi-Fi networks have played an integral role in the development of connected cars, delivering software updates, critical information, and mapping data. As the industry continues to move towards autonomous vehicles, satellite data will have an equally crucial role in providing highly accurate and precise mapping data for...

The Impact of Cellular Networks & 5G

The global market for connected vehicles continues to grow at pace and the introduction of 5G networks is predicted to have a significant impact on the development of fully autonomous cars.

Automotive Software in the Age of Autonomous

The purpose of the report is to explore how industry leaders see the autonomous-driving ecosystem develop, change, face and overcome challenges over the course of this year. Based on their professional specialization, respondents were asked to give their own comments on how to overcome the major challenges in the different...

Onsite Interviews

Interview with Jody Kelman, Product Lead, Self-Driving Platform Team, Lyft

In this interview, Jody Kelman shares insight on overcoming government regulations and the competitive landscape with Uber.

Hear What Sponsors Are Saying About Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley

In this video, you will hear from past sponsors of Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley. They shared their honest thoughts on what sets this summit apart from the rest and why you cannot miss the upcoming summit.

Interview with Dr. Aravind Kailas, Research and Innovation Manager at Volvo Trucks

In this interview, Dr. Aravind Kailas shares insight on the implications for long-haul autonomous trucks, Volvo's most innovative technological advancements, and how he feels about the Tesla Semi Truck!

Interview with Dr. Robert Sadowski, Chief Roboticist at U.S. Army TARDEC

In this interview, Dr. Robert Sadowski shares insight on Autonomous Vehicles Defense Applications.

Past Presentations

2019 Past Presentation Packet I: Talent, Culture & The Future of Mobility

Checkout 4 PowerPoint Presentations from our 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Summit! This packet includes:1. The Criticality of the Vehicle Operator within the SDV Enterprise by Christopher SanGiovanni, Head of Operational Safety, Uber 2. Driving Autonomous Vehicles Into Common Vernacular: Supporting Culture Change, Infrastructure Investment, and Alleviating Public Safety Concerns For AVDarryl Syler, Director...

2019 Past Presentation Packet II: Safety, Data Integration & Innovation

Want more presentations from our last Autonomous Vehicles Summit? This packet includes:1. Thinking Outside the Scope of Iso 21448 and Iso 26262: Functional Safety Challenges in Level 4 Autonomous Driving PlatformsAli Houry, Functional Safety Engineering Manager, American HAVAL Motor Technology2. Streamlining Unstructured Data Through Seamless IntegrationDr. Florian Baumann, CTO -...

Videos (No Download Necessary)

Case Study: Zenuity - Dell EMC delivers the full package for ADAS

This video interview with Zenuity focuses on how they use Dell EMC technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions to accelerate the development of world-class driver-assistance technologies.

Three Predictions for Autonomous Vehicle Technology in 2019

According to a recent report, autonomous vehicle technology is advancing faster than ever. Here are the top three predictions for autonomous vehicle technology in 2019...

Featured Content

Semiconductors in the Autonomous Age Report

Access the report to gain valuable insights on:How autonomous vehicles will impact automotive semiconductors in years to comeDetails on Tesla's latest development: the full self-driving chipChallenges being faced by those working in the automotive semiconductor industryMeeting safety and security requirements in the age of AVsAnd much more

Industry Report: The State of Autonomous & Connected Vehicles in 2019.

The Autonomous Revolution Accelerated!In the summer of 2018, we released our premiere Autonomous & Connected Vehicle Industry Report that uncovered the industry’s leading strategic priorities, investment levels, regulation outlooks, anticipated revenue streams, top competitors, and more. What we found was that, as cars were becoming increasingly technologically advanced, the industry...

2019 State of Automotive Software Development

We’re excited to bring you the results of Perforce's 2019 State of Automotive Software Development Survey!This year, they surveyed over 400 professionals working in the automotive industry. The respondents shared their top concerns in automotive software development today. And they shed some light on the impact of new trends (connected/autonomous...

The AV Ecosystem: How Oems, Ride-Sharing Companies And Suppliers Are Connecting To Develop Autonomous Cars

The race to develop production-ready highly automated cars has led to unprecedented levels of cooperation between key rivals. This infographic illustrates some of the major, new links that have been forged.

New Content!

How Autonomous Vehicles Solve the Last Mile Delivery Conundrum

Ten years after Google hired a team of Darpa Challenge veterans to spearhead its self-driving project the industry is still grappling with the many challenges of commercializing the technology for privately owned vehicles. So while manufacturers continue to optimize highly automated cars for the general public, autonomous vehicles (AVs) are...

Taking the Streets with Dr. Ryan Chin

Ahead of the upcoming AVSV, we sat down with Dr. Ryan Chin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Optimus Ride, to discuss:How to proliferation of self-driving cars will change the cities and the communities we live in Lessons learned from Optimus Ride's recent autonomous deployments in Brooklyn and Washington D.C. Why...

Autonomous Vehicles Recap Video: See What You Missed!

Whether you were able to attend Autonomous Vehicles or not, here's a recap! 

Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Industry Brief

There are multiple ways that artificial intelligence can be used, and is being used in the automotive industry. Applications range from autonomous driving and ADAS, to cloud services, personalization and vehicle-to-X communications, to the optimization of manufacturing and the supply chain, to driver monitoring, and even to the automotive insurance...

AV Safety Features: The Present & Future State

According to McKinsey, a progressive scenario would see fully autonomous cars account for up to 15% of passenger vehicles sold worldwide in 2030. In the same time frame, Mckinsey’s researchers estimate that the automotive revenue pool will increase significantly and diversify towards on-demand mobility services and data-driven services. This is...