Agenda Day 1

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Leveraging Real-Time 3D Visualizations to Shorten the Design Cycle for AVs

Heiko Wenczel - Head of Detroit Lab, Epic Games

Autonomous Vehicle development is at the crossroads of many disciplines for visual and AI development. Unreal Engine is used in various ways to support those development efforts. Learn from different use cases from design evaluation to simulating environments and training the AI all the way to being the HMI display software.

• Dive deeper into the benefits of building and reviewing designs at human scale

• Leveraging insights from existing use cases to support new innovations across automotive HMI, infotainment, and digital cockpit experiences


Heiko Wenczel

Head of Detroit Lab
Epic Games

What challenges do stakeholders need to address to advance autonomous operation in smart cities across the US? Join AV leaders as they look at regulations, costs, and safety challenges of deploying fully level 5 operating vehicles to improve first-last mile commute.

·  What will the future landscape of C-V2X technology and connected driving look like for SaaS short term vs long term?

·  Address new data demands and usage from the development of autonomous technology to deployment

·  Review what regulations and maintenance needs will look like to safely deploy and manage autonomous fleets


Sue Bai

Chief Engineer, Automobile Technology Research Division
Honda R&D America


Lauren Isaac

Director of Business Initiatives


Edwin Olson

Co-Founder and CEO
May Mobility

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Designing a Future-proof Architecture for the Software-Defined Everything Era

Dr. Florian Baumann - CTO - Automotive & AI, Dell Technologies

An extremely expanded ecosystem, new software-based architectures, broadly deployed connectivity and the ability to identify and monetize data are increasingly impacting automotive OEMs’ business models and profit pool. The automotive market beyond 2030 will look quite different compared to today’s, and consequently so will vehicle manufacturers’ traditional operating strategies. The development of a reliable and complete ecosystem is key for future success, both inside and outside the vehicle. The new functionalities found in cars today and expected in the future are not about hardware; instead the industry is entering the “software-defined everything” era. Software-defined vehicles and “functionality as a service” will continue to drive new revenue streams in the future, as well as create cost-reduction opportunities along the entire automotive value chain. 

• See the results of a 2020 Wards Intelligence/Dell Technologies automotive industry survey on future vehicle architectures 

• Learn how to put back-end processes and infrastructures in place quickly to efficiently adjust and scale to the needs of the complex and broader ecosystem of the future


Dr. Florian Baumann

CTO - Automotive & AI
Dell Technologies

While existing Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems rely on radar and visible-light cameras to detect pedestrians; glare and fog make such detection and road safety far more difficult to achieve. Join the conversation between Mike Walters, Vice President Product Management Thermal and Machine Vision Cameras for FLIR, and Greg Brannon, Director, Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations for AAA National to learn about:

  • How FLIR expanded on the AAA testing and developed a fused thermal/visible/Radar AEB demo system
  • Discussion on the push for regulatory testing standards that accurately represent real driving conditions

Mike Walters

VP Product Management Thermal & Machine Vision Cameras


Greg Brannon

Director, Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations
AAA National

2:05 pm - 2:35 pm Charging into the Future: Can EV Transform MaaS?

Paul Rivera - CEO, Electra Meccanica

·  Review critical lessons learned from the launch of SOLO in California, Arizona and Oregon to improve buy-in within municipalities, potential commercial and fleet partners in untapped markets

·  Outline common challenges in user experience and meeting the evolving demands of the environmentally-conscious consumer


Paul Rivera

Electra Meccanica